TLC As Your Pet Ages

Our TLC (Tender Loving Care) Package is as good as gold as your pet ages. With the typical average life span for dogs and cats hovering between 10-15 years and pets turning into Seniors at age seven, have you thought about upgrading your pet’s activities?

If yourolder dogSenior dog could talk, what would he or she really want you to know? Maybe subtle signs, related to diet, sleeping habits, interests, movement or exercise, are evident now and it’s hard to say when they started.

Here’s some food for thought  as your pet ages and 5 good reasons to add the TLC Package to your pet’s activities when lodging.

  1. If your dog requires more trips outside to prevent urinary accidents inside,  the TLC Package adds two additional stretch/mobility breaks to each day.
  2. If you are now dealing with multiple prescriptions that require scheduled doses two or more times per day, the TLC Package allows for unlimited medications.  For some pets the savings in medication charges would alone pay for the cost of the TLC Package.
  3. Orthopedic dog bedding, another part of the TLC Package, helps older dogs or dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia. These beds, with a protective sanitary liner and washable cover, provide additional support and comfort for your dog’s muscles and joints, along with better weight distribution when your dog is at rest.
  4. Each lodging pet receives multiple wellness checks throughout the day and those with the TLC Package receive an additional one including a Bed Time Belly Rub.  Whether the massage location changes from the belly to the ears, chin or shoulders or rump,  guests with the TLC Package receive the touch of a caring person at the end of the day.
  5. A gourmet treat, prepared in our kitchen with healthy yogurt and pumpkin and served on a tray, adds even more meaning to the TLC Package.

Note:  We’ve found dog’s other than Seniors can benefit from the TLC Package.  Active dogs, such as working or service animals, or dogs that have recently had surgery or are recovering from an illness or injury can enjoy an orthopedic dog bed. Some pet parents opt to start their puppies (especially large to giant breeds) on orthopedic pet beds to prevent muscle and joint problems from developing.