Dog Daycare Near Sugar Land & Missouri City

Dog Daycare at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is a scheduled day of off-leash play where your dog mingles, plays, and socializes all day with other dogs in a group under the watchful eyes of a trained and experienced staff member. At the end of the day, you can be sure that your dog has had a fun filled day of dog daycare play with just the right amount of rest. We're provide dog daycare for the greater Southwest Houston area, Sugar Land and Missouri City.

Many dogs find that dog daycare group play is enjoyable and fun. Other dogs need extra time and guidance to learn to play and make friends. Dogs showing any aggression to people or other dogs are restricted from group play. We do invite dogs to join if they are healthy and meet the following criteria:

  • Neutered adult dogs of all ages with current vaccinations
  • Puppies who have completed at least two series of vaccinations
  • Dogs and puppies that have passed a temperament test

An Evaluation Report at the end of the day describing the testing and how the day went for your dog will also be available.

Two terriers playing

New Customers: Free first day of Daycare! See our other specials!

We proudly took the Off Leash Play Safety Pledge!

Dog Gurus logoAt Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort we've taken a safety pledge. We proudly commit that our daycare for dogs program has been designed for the safety and pleasure of your pet. We strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our center behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived.

By visiting The Dog Gurus website,, you can view our pledge, take the Off Leash Play Pet Owner safety pledge, as well as, learn how you can keep your dog safe during play.

Dog Daycare Plus

Daycare Plus is daycare offered to all qualified dogs that have reserved lodging and have selected group play as an activity for either a full day or half day of play.

Dog Daycare Pass

If you want your dog to have fun in daycare on a regular basis, your best value is a pre-paid pass available in 10 day, 20 day and 30 day packages.  All pre-paid passes have an expiration date, are non-refundable, non-transferable and increase your savings with each level of purchase.


We encourage you to call and reserve your dog daycare spot today!

Although we are seasoned hosts for many families’ canine pets, we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know your dog personally. Reserving in advance and sharing with us all that matters assures your dog will have an exceptional pet care experience.

We have been using Fondren 5 Star for many years and through many sets of pets.  We often board here, and stometimes, we bring them over for "daycare" or Play Day as we call it.  The staff is very caring and we have never worried the safety of our pets. When we're about a block away, our dogs start getting excited, as if they know where they are going.  They dogs love going there so much they run right to the kennel assistant without even looking back at us.  

Judy and Malvern L., Sugar Land

We have been using Fondren 5 Star for about 9 years first for “doggie daycare” for our lab once a week, later for boarding and grooming for our expanded “family” of 3 dogs.  Fondren is simply wonderful.  The staff is friendly and thorough.  They know our pets and the pets love being there.   We are treated as family at Fondren 5 Star and they treat our dogs as if they were theirs.

Shelley & Bob S., Houston