Dog Training


Professional Dog Training for Good Manners and Obedience


Elevate your life and your pet's well-being through Dog Training at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Our professional trainers employ positive motivation techniques with rewarding experiences, dedicated to assisting you in shaping your dog into a fantastic companion. Conveniently located, our dog training facility serves the broader Southwest Houston area and beyond. For more information, feel free to give us a call!

Dog holding their paw to a person's hand.

Our Dog Training Programs 


  • Individual Training

Schedule an individual obedience lesson with one of our skilled dog training instructors. Each session lasts 45 min to an hour.

Basic Agility Classes - prices vary

Private lesson - $100 in facility, $150 in home (trainer will travel to the location) . The subject of the lessons can be determined after a consultation with our trainer.


  • Group Classes

A group of pet parents and their dogs meet for an hour of dog training instruction over a five-week period at our facility. 

 Basic Group Obedience Classes : $145 for five 1 hour sessions. 


  • Lodge & Learn

Enroll your pet in our exclusive boarding school, where they will receive daily personalized training sessions with our dedicated trainers. Upon departure, our trainer will meet with you to provide a comprehensive overview of your pet's progress and discuss the next steps in their ongoing development.

$400/week + the room/boarding nightly rate. The dog will board with us and receive a daily 1 hr training session

German Shepherd looking at trainer.

Group Dog Training Classes at Fondren 


  • Beginners Obedience – For new pets and dogs over four months of age.
  • Beginners Agility – For dogs having completed basic obedience with an emphasis on safety, introducing the agility obstacles and basic skills.

  • Other Group Classes – Advanced group classes and practice sessions meet for an hour each week in sets of five sessions. Qualified dogs that have completed Novice or Intermediate dog training at our facility and desire advanced training. 



  • Lauren Dunn

  • Vickey Willard, AKC CGC Evaluator #179 Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers