Pearland Texas Pet Resort

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best Pearland Texas pet resort for your cat or dog. We offer numerous services to pet owners to make them and, most importantly, their pets feel comfortable. We have a wide variety of services available to cat and dog services, such as animal boarding and grooming.

It is also important to say that we also offer boarding for avian and pocket pets. We want to make sure all types of pet owners have a place for their pets when they have to travel. These services are performed by trained staff members who care greatly about the pets that come through our doors.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is located in Missouri City, but we are technically located in the Houston city limits. That means we are in the perfect location for pet owners in the Greater Houston area. Most Houstonians will find comfort in our location.

Pearland Texas Pet Resort

Your dog will be howling at how good our services are.

Our pet resort was established in 1999 when JoAnn Ellis craved a high-quality pet care center with a lot of outdoor space. When she had trouble finding facilities that had such accommodations, she decided to create her own.

JoAnn purchased a handful of private property for the facility to be built on while also keeping a large portion for outdoor play. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has several awards and affiliations that would make any pet owner happy their pet was staying there.

Pet Boarding

Fondren understands how hard it is to travel with your pet. There are specific precautions you need to take, and there is a lot more money when traveling with your pet. These reasons are why pet boarding is the best choice for your pet. It is a lot less stressful than a car or plane ride.

Fondren’s animal boarding starts at $31.45 a night with spacious and luxurious lodging options. Dogs have several options when it comes to our accommodations. Pet owners have many different types of suites so that their dogs have the best time when staying with us.

Our dog suites are available with partial outside patios or even small toddler beds. However, all dog suites either have a television or radio to simulate life at home. We find this amenity does a lot when their owners are away. It is a great way to calm down dogs because it is familiar to them.

Alongside our pet boarding, we also several different additional amenities. Each of these additions are a great way to keep your pet comfortable while you are away.

Dog Activities and Pampering

We have several activities and pampering packages for pet owners. These packages are known to improve their stay while at the hotel and keep them busy. Dogs can expect packages that include walks, daycare, massages, cuddle times, gourmet treats, and even tuck-in storytime. Activities like dog walking can really make a difference for your pet.

These activities are known to pamper your dog, so they have a great time at our facility. It is common for many pet boarding businesses only to walk your dog two times a day and have nothing else for them to do. This leads them to get depressed and hate their time there. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort wants your pets to enjoy the time they spend here.

Dog Training in Pearland TX

Fondren also offers dog training.

Cat Activities and Pampering

Dogs are not the only pet with choices of activities and pampering. Cats also received spacious and climate-controlled rooms for their stays. We can even connect multiple kitty condos together for cat families that may need more room. Our cat boarding options are similar to those of the dogs. There are many different ranges of rooms for your cat. They could have the simple one bench and shelf or a VIP suite with a toddler bed and a six-foot sliding entry door.

Regardless of what you want for your pet, we have it here to offer. Fondren also offers an activities package for cats needing to spend extra energy when being boarded. The activities package offers a 15-minute interactive playtime with toys. It also has an additional 10 minutes for a cuddle session.

Pet Grooming

Fondren is not just a pet boarding business. We also specialize in pet grooming, which is necessary for all pets. We offer pet grooming for all breeds, sizes, and ages. The only requirements are an appointment and up-to-date immunizations. We understand your cat or dog can create messes, which leads them to need a bath. Our team of groomers can make sure they get the possible care when they visit Fondre 5 Star Pet Resort.

Furthermore, your pet’s hair needs to stay in check. Frequent grooming can keep shedding to a minimum and keep your pet looking better than ever. Starting at a young age is very beneficial because it teaches them to be touched, brushed, and dried. These traits can be hard to come by when they become adults.

A great benefit we offer our clients is grooming at the same time as boarding. This is a great way for pet owners to save time. They can drop their pets off at our facility to stay for a few days and get a groom. Many of our clients take advantage of this option.

Pearland Texas Pet Resort

We can brush your dog’s teeth alongside a nice grooming.

Our grooming and spa services also include the following:

  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • De-Matting and Brush-Outs
  • Scented Facials
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Medicated Baths
  • Deep Conditioning

Schedule your cat or dog a grooming service today. Our specialists will be able to give your cat or dog the best possible look.

Schedule a Suite at The Best Pearland Texas Pet Resort

We love dogs and cats. We hope pet parents will see that when they schedule an appointment with us. You can do so today by calling (281) 835-4445. You may also visit our website to find out more information about our boarding and grooming services. We offer many other services as well, apart from these. Your dog and cat will love coming to our animal hotel. Fondren is the best Pearland Texas pet resort available, and we cannot wait to prove it.

Fun Facts About Pearland

  • Oil was discovered in Pearland in 1934!
  • Downtown Houston is only 16 miles away from Pearland!
  • Pearland is one of only two Texas cities to average double-digit growth within five years!
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