Pearland TX dog hotel

Searching for a Pearland TX dog hotel can be tough. There are many different options to consider, and the task can quickly become overwhelming. At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we make the process and experience both enjoyable and straightforward.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is an award-winning pet care facility located in Southwest Houston. Leading veterinarians in the tri-county area highly recommend us. With a country-like setting on more than four acres, it is easy to see why so many pet owners bring their furry friends to us.

Despite our address showing us as being situated in Missouri City, we are located inside of Houston city limit. This allows us to service areas such as Bellaire, West U, University Place, The Meadows, the Med Center, and all parts of Southwest Houston.

Fondren Pet Resort is not your average pet care facility, and we want to show you why. Many families that bring their pets to us become a part of the Fondren Pet Resort family for life. Our work, care, and dedication to animals speak for itself. Let Fondren be your go-to pet care facility for all of your needs. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Pearland TX dog hotel

Pearland TX dog hotel

Pearland TX dog hotel

Pet owners often find themselves in situations where they need to travel, but cannot bring their pets with them. These types of scenarios can cause a lot of anxiety. Leaving a restless pet at home alone for an extended amount of time can lead to trouble, not to mention, it can be considered neglectful.

Fondren is here to be the answer to that dilemma. Instead of worrying about your pet destroying the home while you’re away, bring them to us, and we will ensure that your animals receive all of the care and attention that they need. Under our supervision, your pet will receive daily exercise, meals, social time, and more.

The dog hotel accommodations are spacious, climate-controlled, and designed for the comfort and safety of your pet. Large shaded outdoor yards provide for three daily bathroom breaks that are included in the daily rate. Additional exercise time, as well as other fun outdoor activities, are provided in our secure play yards and two-acre dog park.

We have several different boarding and care options that clients care choose that best fit the needs of their pets. Also, all new customers receive 25% off of their first boarding stay!

Pearland TX dog hotel

Bring your pets to our award-winning facilities.

The Benefits of Boarding Your Pet

Having your pet boarded professionally can have significant benefits for both you and your pet. The experience of boarding your pet with us is similar to a nice vacation for your pet. However, there is much more that your pet is getting from boarding through Fondren than this.

Before boarding or play days can be scheduled, we ask clients to fill out a brief profile of their pet. We then transition into planning an evaluation of your pet’s temperament. This then transitions into a group play session. This process helps us to make sure that we are creating a safe environment that all pets can enjoy!

Our daycare and boarding programs help to strengthen your dog’s socialization skills. Interacting and playing with other animals, as well as people, can have significant and lasting positive results on your pet. A well-socialized pet can be better trusted when left around family, friends, or other animals.

Another great benefit of professional boarding is that it strengthens yours and your pet’s bond. Leaving an animal at home alone, or even in the care of a friend who is not a professional, could lead to your pet’s trust of you eroding. Leaving the attention of your pet to professionals like us will ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met because that is our only focus.

Pearland TX dog hotel

Dogs love our spaces!

More About Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

Here at Fondren, we understand that pets are just like family. When you leave town, you need to know that they are safe and well-cared for. Our mission to the communities that we serve is always to deliver quality care that you can trust.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has taken the Group Play Safety Pledge. Our unique program has been designed for safety.  We aim to send every dog home behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived. To give the client’s peace-of-mind, we keep the dog-to-staff ratio at our Houston dog daycare low for maximum supervision.

Our highly-qualified staff is trained with awards from the Dog Gurus, who wrote Off-Leash Dog Play, a book on safe group play for dogs. With us, you can trust that your pet is in good hands.

To Create a Safe & Healthy Grouping of Dogs:

  • Temperament testing is done before going to Daycare
  • Neutered/spayed dogs of all ages are welcome, even puppies
  • Vaccinations are current and show healthy pets
  • Reservations are required – standing reservation are available

A great thing about Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is that we cater to more than one type of animal. We regularly house cats, dogs, birds, small mammals, and even some exotic pets! Our award-winning facility has enough space to accommodate different species of pets comfortably, and our educated staff provides a personalized experience to each guest. Contact us today to book your reservation.

Make a Reservation Today!

If you have any specific needs or questions about our Pearland TX dog hotel, give us a call at (281) 835-4445. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and even give you a tour of our resort. When you’re ready to go on your next trip, remember to check our website for our current specials. You can make your reservation by calling or online. Be sure to ask us questions about pet grooming and dog boarding while in touch with our animal hotel.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • The city was initially named “Mark Belt.”
  • Pearland was once truly a land filled with pear trees.
  • This is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.
  • Click here to learn more about Pearland.