Missouri City TX Cat Kennels Near Me

Do you find yourself looking at your phone typing, “Missouri City TX cat kennels near me?” Then, look no further. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers cat boarding. These sessions are held in the Greater Southwest Houston area, Sugarland and Missouri City in Texas. These spots are designed to accommodate your feline in a spacious, climate-controlled area.

Best Choice for Pet Accomodation

Best choice for your cat’s resort

Let’s face it. There sometimes isn’t enough time in the day to engage with your pet as you want to. A rigorous work schedule can leave you tired coming home. By the time your cat invites you home with its lovable eyes, you only have energy to eat and go to bed. Perhaps you can try to give them attention for a little while before dosing off, but you both know it’s not enough. Sad, but true for a lot of pet owners.

You and your pet both deserve a break from everyday life. If you know you’re going to be away from home, why not have your cat stay with us? We will make sure your feline friend is getting the best of care. We have a cat-loving staff dedicated to their needs. Take a look at what we have to offer!

Missouri City TX Cat Kennels Near Me

The activities we have here at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort are designed to engage your cat. They perform physical exercises and receive adequate amounts of rest. Our engagement schedule consists of:

  • 15-minute playtime
  • 10-minute cuddle time
  • 15-minute exercise
  • 10-minute bedtime belly rub
  • 10-minute storytime and tuck-in

We make sure to take the time to tend to your cat’s needs. Our program provides some of the same attributes as doggy daycare. However, we know cats require different attention than dogs. For example, if you have a kitten, kitty socialization is important for their overall growth.

Introducing your kitten to new things and people early on lets them be more comfortable around people. Cats who lash out at a later age tend to behave that way due to lack of interaction. Cleaning up the litter box, feeding, and perching are just the basics. All living things need care and attention. We promise to provide both for your cat’s stay.

High-Quality Cat Kennels

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Comfy Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Cat Kennels

If you live near Missouri City TX, we offer high-quality pet care. We place careful attention to customer service. Relationships are important and we know pet owners each have a unique one with their cats. One of our qualities is time. We make sure we give you time to tell us what your pet needs during its stay. Patience is put into your cat as we do not overwhelm him or her with too much at once. We make sure to ease your cat into the process of their stay.

Because of our enthusiasm for cats, at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we understand how much you love your pet. So much so in fact, your cats will be treated as hotel guests. Their services and accommodations are our first priority. We designed our condo units with their needs in mind. Even multi-cat family will feel at home as we connect condo units for their comfort.

Multiple activity packages for your cat can be purchased besides the one previously addressed. Our large climbing structure allows for additional exercise. Also, hangouts on places like our sun porch are included in our daily rates for your convenience. We spare no expense in making sure your cat is provided with luxury. Contact us about what you’re interested in, and we’ll make sure to take care of you and your furry friend.

Cat Kennel Accommodations

As we said, no expense is spared for your cat’s needs. Our different types of condos ensure your cat’s comfort while enjoying their stay. Our single condo contains one resting bench and a shelf for one cat. It is a roomy, personalized home for your friend.

We also provide connecting condos if a single doesn’t cut it. If you’d like to expand the area for your cat, we allow for a duplex, triplex, and even a four-plex. Your cat deserves the best and we are here to ensure they get it. Plus, our condos are spacious, clean, and enjoyable. Your cat will snuggle right into it as if nothing changed. They are free to move around or play as much as they’d like.

Pets love to look out windows as we do to see the outside world. Due to this fact, we have window condos with a window that overlooks the sun porch. However, if you’re cat is not the spectator type, additionally we have kitty playpens. Kitty playpens have enough room for a twosome or if your cat likes to play alone, provided with two resting benches.

High-End Cat Kennels of Missouri, TX

White cat with pet resort staff

Luxurious Kitty Packages

If there is no limit to what your feline needs, we also offer even more luxurious suites. The plaza suite, for instance, contains floor to ceiling walls, ambient lights, and more! This can be used for a single for multiple same-family cat boarding groups. Whether he or she likes to be alone or with its family, we think of any characteristic your pet might have.

The VIP suite is also another luxurious option available to you. This suite has the same attributes as a plaza but with a toddler bed and a full-view six-foot sliding door. Some owners view their pets as babies and as a parent, you spare no expense for your child. We understand that and accommodate such desires. We know the way they are cared for should complement how you raise them.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Missouri TX

In short, our staff gives a hundred percent of its time to your cat. Not much is beyond our capabilities when it comes to pet care. Make a reservation today by calling (281) 835-4445 or visiting our website.We hope you will choose us for your go-to Missouri City TX pet resort. Stop looking at your search bar for “Missouri City TX cat kennels near me” and take advantage of our service now!

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