Missouri City Cat Boarding

Are you searching for Missouri City cat boarding options? The Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort can offer you the best service for your cats in the area. We are happy to support tons of different kinds of pets, and when it comes to cats, they will get some of the most special treatment. Our land is a beautiful and expansive 4-acre plot that houses different condos and workout rooms for your pets. There are a lot of options that you can select or customize. Throughout their stay, they will be pampered and treated to a luxury experience.

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Pet owners will love our cat boarding options!

What Will A Missouri City Cat Boarding Consist Of?

The entire package is full of many unique activities and services. There will be a number of different scheduled options that you can select. Of course, there are a few options that will be included in the initial package, such as walks, play time, and exercise. The curriculum is selected based on the package that you opt for, however, you can also select specific services and activities for your cat to participate in.

We make it easy and convenient to make a perfect daily routine for your pet. They can do all of the activities we offer or simply relax and enjoy the comforts of their suite until you return. It may be hard to resist some of our highlighted features. That will touch on the sun porches and climbing structures that we have available for the guests. They can also have a lot of time dedicated to this particular area if you so choose.

Rooming Options Available

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Pets are happy when they engage in an activity.

We want to ensure that you get the most optimum experience at our resort. That’s why we offer a plethora of different suites that will vary in the quality it offers. There are unique rooms that are designed particularly for luxury while others are made to be more minimal and even economical. Depending on availability you could potentially choose any of the options from our list. Make sure to give us a call and ask our representatives about the vacancy or any other questions you might have about our suites. They will be happy to guide you through the process and explain some of the more minute details about each option.

Single Suite

Whenever you get a single suite, you will find that it is very cozy and yet spacious. Most locations will not offer the type of size range that we do. They will typically be small and not very hospitable. Our offerings, however, will never be smaller than 4×6 feet and they have a resting bench and a shelf for sleeping also.

Connecting Suite

These type of suites are conjoined and made for the more explorative or social cat. There are duplex, triplex, and four-plex options. Whether you have multiple cats to drop off or your cat is social and doesn’t like cramped spaces, they will love this option! We make sure that there is ample space for play and great sleeping conditions for after.

Window Condo

Some cats also really enjoy window-gazing, and they can spend hours on a ledge somewhere simply perusing through the outside world. This has been a favorite of cats, and we want to give our guests the most entertaining experience. As a result, one of our condo options has a very large and expansive set of windows that come with ledges, perfect for them to sit upon.

Kitty Play Pen

Another option for our guests are the playpens that allow for the most social of interactions. Ideally, this room is meant for twosomes who enjoy playing together. There are two benches that can allow for personal leisure when there is downtime but we also have double entry doors to allow the cats to go in and out with ease. It is a great option for the fun-loving, adventurous cats.

Plaza Suite

This suite is verging on luxury. It is a very modern room with floor to ceiling walls and ambient lighting. There is a lot of amenities that give the cat or family of cats a really lavish experience. You’ll find that the value we put in this suite can rival even some of the human hotels!

VIP Suite

The final and most luxurious option is going to be the VIP Suite. It has all of the amenities that the Plaza suite has yet there are a few extra benefits and features. For example, there is a six-foot sliding glass door that we have installed to offer the cats more visual intrigue and access to the outside world. In addition to this, there is also a toddler bed that can provide incredibly relaxing sleeping conditions. At Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort, we try to make the most enjoyable experience for our guests!


Contact Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

We are very proud to offer Missouri City cat boarding, the amenities that you find at our location are far more supportive and enticing. Pets always run to our doors when they arrive. They aren’t afraid and if they are, they’ll immediately find that they get the loving treatment puts them right at ease.

To take care of your pet, grooming is a must. We make sure your pet is groomed and clean each day!

If you are looking to get a date scheduled, you will find all of our information on our website. However, you can certainly give us a call at to reach our customer service. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have and give you a better explanation of our options. Let us know what we can do for your cat! Be sure to check out our Missouri City dog boarding services as well!


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