Why Exercise Is Important for Your Dog

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Best Exercises for Older Dogs – Yahoo! Sports

Best Exercises for Older DogsYahoo! SportsJust like us, aging dogs slow down. They often develop health conditions like arthritis or heart disease that can impact the type of exercise they can tolerate or need. Paying close attention to these require …




Doctors prescribing exercise – Bloomington Pantagraph

Doctors prescribing exercise for older people may be encouraged to get a dog. “The dog will force you to get out and walk,” Woods said. For patients who say they don’t have time for exercise, Vales discusses their schedule to help th …


Dog Daycare Pros: Dog Exercise Routines | Dog Daycare Indianapolis

One of the most crucial dog daycare pros is exercise. Exercise is a must for keeping your dog healthy both physically and mentally.


Fat to Fit Dog Exercises

Chris Perondi from Stunt Dog Productions goes over fun activities and exercises for dogs to help keep them in shape.