Why Activity Packages Make Sense

The Value of Activity Packagesdogs on the play yard

Activity Packages are an integral part of the outstanding pet care at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort due to these important beliefs about pets we hold near and dear.

  1. Pets are designed to be active. Unless they are asleep you’ll find an ear, whisker, mouth, body, leg or tail of a pet moving just about any time of day.  Keeping pets active and fit not only maintains their physical health, it keeps them mentally happy too.
  2.  Pets are designed to be social.  Our pets derive comfort, security and motivation from their bond with humans.  Dogs, especially, are social animals needing people or other animals around them in order to avoid loneliness, separation anxiety or manage behavior. Setting aside time for interacting with them on a daily basis is essential.
  3. Activity Packages are designed to save money while keeping pets healthy and happy.  From a simple but always appreciated “Belly Rub” to a leisurely “Nature Walk” in the park, our list of activities for pets is a long one.   Activity Packages are purposefully grouped and discounted so every pet can enjoy being active with plenty of healthy interactions.

 How to Make Choices That Make Sense

dog playing with a ballIf you have a very active dog choose our Five Star Package.  A trip to the dog park, a thirty minute nature walk, a play time and a bedtime belly rub are included for a savings of 40% over the same items if selected individually.

For medium active dogs choose the Four Star Package.  You’ll find all of the same activities as the 5 Star Package except the dog park are included for a savings of 22% over the regular retail price.

For less active dog, try the Three Star Package which dogs playing in a wading poolincludes three activities for a 16% savings.

There is also a Puppy Package and a TLC Package (for special needs including medicine administration and orthopedic bedding) each with six activity items saving 40% to 49% over retail pricing.


dogs playing in a wading poolSomething For Everyone

There are five discounted Activity choices but unlimited choices of regularly priced activities and combinations of activities  to make sure your pet is engaged, active, happy and health while lodging.  To be sure your pet’s social and physical needs are met, Activity Packages are a great option for you and your pet.  To make a reservations or add an Activity Package or to get answers to your questions, contact us via the web or call 281-990-8355.