What’s In A Name?

This has been a week of celebrities at Fondren 5 Star Kennels.  What a way to start the buzz when you see Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry all here in the same week.  Lady Gaga came in for a long overdue style to her long blonde hair.  Justin and Katy both had styles too.  If the Paparazzi had followed them here you would have seen photos of a Malti-poo, a black male toy poodle and black and white Shi-poo, all  stepping out and looking fabulous in their new styles.

We’ve met a lot of pets with interesting names  through our grooming salon in the past years.   Celine,  Destiny and J Lo have been here as well as fashion icons like Gucci, Giorgio and Coco Chanel.  We have had knock out athletes such as Ali and  Tyson and Pro sports players such as Romo and Kobe.  We are looking for Payton and Eli to pop up soon.

A King has slept in our kennel.  With the King came a Queen, also a Duke, a Duchess, several Ladys, a few Barons , many Princes and Princesses as well as some Gods and Goddesses such as Zeus, Apollo, Gemini, Thor and Xena.  The political arena has been represented by Charles De Gaul (a French Bulldog),  Ladybird (a Labrador), Nixon (a Shi Tzu), Clinton (a Yorkie), Reagan, Bush and Dub-ya (all three Golden Retrievers).  Plenty of vehicles have shown up also such as  Chevy, Lincoln, Ford, Bentley, Hot Rod, Turbo, Harley and Crash!  We are still waiting for a Taxi.

Food is a big category for pet’s names such as Queso, Pumpkin, Taco, Taffy, Peaches, Coffee, Fudgey, Snickers, Hershey, Cinnamon, Pepper, Brie, Cheddar, Ginger, Honey, Gumbo, Tater and Tot.  Food names tend to make everyone hungry and go hand in hand with pets with names of color such as Scarlet, Blue, Roja, and Brownie.  Famous duos such as Romeo and Juliette,  Anthony and Cleopatra, Tom and Jerry,  Samson and Delilah, Lucy and Ethyl, Moe and Curly, Fiona and Shrek almost always show up together for their grooming appointments.

We have seen all kinds of weather (Snow, Sunshine, Sunny, Wendy, Misty) and planets too (Pluto,Venus and Jupiter).
As for cities, you cannot believe the number that have been in for a make-over,  such as Tahoe, Sedona, Savannah, Aspen, Boulder, Cheyenne, Dakota, Rio and Dallas.

We have trimmed fabrics such as Cotton and Velvet and refurbished retail stores such as Macy’s, Dillard’s and  Saks. We’ve carried brand names to our Groom room such as Converse, Shiner Bock,  Skittles,  Sonic, and Levi.   Some days we have noises like  Squeeker, Ping, and Thumper.  We have had only three  Calendar months so far;  April, May or Mae and June.  Our cartoon characters are  Dagwood, Goldie, Blondie,  Snoopy and Sarge.  Our novel pets are  Stella, Atticus, Scout, Jim and  Boo.

All of the above names are  actual pets we have met professionally and are exceptions to the more usual or common names which we see daily in the kennel, groom salon, Dog Park,  Doggie Day Care or training room.  So before you name your new best furry friend, consider what is in a name and then go for it.  We have given you some really good ideas and you can thank us later when you make your lodging, grooming or training appointment.  Just so you’ll know,  the names Max and Buddy are still the most popular for male dogs while the most popular pet name for female dogs this year is Bella.