What’s Up With Dog Park Etiquette?

Encounters of the Best Kind Use Top 10 Etiquette Tips

We are now well into the new year so if exploring the ins and outs of taking your dog to a dog park was on your resolution list, these dog park etiquette tips are meant for you.
Successful encounters where your dog gets to play off leash, run, romp and make new friends are very possible. With proper planning and consulting on dog park etiquette, you may prevent unexpected incidents or injuries and stay focused on fun exercise and socialization for your dog.
Before you hit the ground running, make sure your dog is in good health and up to date with the necessary vaccinations, including a stool check, by scheduling a check up with your veterinarian.  It’s also wise to learn about the following safety issues that occur during dog park visits and ways to avoid them.

 Prepare for Success by Following These 10 Tips


  • Read and follow the posted rules
  • Enter the area without fanfare or excitement. Be calm and confident.
  • Know your own dog(s).  Are they outgoing and friendly or will they need coaching?  You will need to control your dog so avoid taking multiple dogs at first.
  • Parks are for off leash play – remove the leash but keep it close at hand.  Remember a dog is at a great disadvantage if kept on a leash inside a dog park.
  • Leave treats at home.  Treats can spark arguments or worse.
  • Watch canine body language to spot snippy, rough or bully play so you can remove your dog, block dogs with your body or step in to interrupt and redirect the dogs BEFORE play becomes dangerous.
  • Utilize the recall or check in techniques throughout your visit.
  • Communicate with the other pets and people by being friendly, vigilant and courteous.
  • Dog fights are a risk so keep large and small dogs separate, be prepared to leave if asked and be able to ask another to leave if needed.
  • Exit the park after a reasonable time. Leash your pet at the gate, rinsing at a water station if available and have fresh water and tasty treat outside the park as a reward for cooperative fun at the dog park.

Well socialized dogs that enjoy being around other dogs and people are always welcome.  If your dog doesn’t catch on right away or clings to you in this new situation be sure to give it more than just one try. Choose a different time of day or go when there are fewer dogs or even go to a different a different park.

There are a great number of public dog parks and even some like the Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Dog Park that offer exclusive use of the park for dogs that enjoy the outdoor exercise but cannot safely be off leash around other people or dogs.


Learn how to safely utilize dog parks before even entering one. Our knowledgeable staff at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will share advice, answer questions and set up your free trial dog park session.   Registration and vaccine information required.  Register on line or call 281_990_3885.