What New Puppies Teach Us

puppyWhat New Puppies Teach Us

Despite the division of Nay Sayers and overeager fans, what new puppies teach us when they come into our lives is how to love.  Maybe it was already love at first sight when you first saw you puppy. That falling head over heels can quickly deflate at the first soiled spot left on the floor.

Hopefully, love for your puppy will prompt you to seek a seasoned puppy rearing veteran to tell you it’s normal for a puppy age 8 weeks to 4 months to sleep, eat, poop, play, repeat.

From 4 months to up to two years you may find yourself falling in and out of love with your pup several times. There will be equipment and supplies to buy. Puppy visits to the vet will be many and often. You will need to train and socialize your puppy.

Life’s Lessons With Puppy Love

puppyYour furniture will be chewed, and your puppy will get dirty regardless of his breed or size. His heartbeat and breaths are rapid.  He eats a greater volume and more often than an adult dog. He has irregular bodily functions. He learns something every day whether it is something you teach, or he figures out on his own. As you try to teach him, he will be teaching you as well. It’s said when the first dog is the dog that gives you so much, that first dog is often the reason for the second dog.

Puppy-hood is an extraordinary time and it goes by quickly. Even when you spend the whole day with him, your dog misses you the moment you leave. This is the love of a dog.

When Puppy Love Overflows

Brown happy puppy in grassIt’s simply an effort of love for Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to help you with your new puppy, first dog or however many pets you take into your family. We’re just returning that puppy love we found with our own puppies.