Westbury TX dog hotel

Westbury TX dog hotel

Know that your dog is in good hands

When looking for a Westbury TX dog hotel, you want to make sure your dog is getting the best of the best. At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we do just that. Our services are everything a dog needs to have a pampered getaway while his owners are on vacation.

Leaving your dog behind while the rest of the family goes on vacation is hard. Your dog could get lonely. And with a pet sitter, your dog could end up spending most of the time in a kennel instead of getting the exercise they need.

This can leave your dog anxious and bored. Also, if your dog requires special attention or medication, they might need more attention than a pet sitter could give.

Another worry about leaving your dog alone for long hours of the day is food and water. Your dog could accidentally spill their water and be without it for eight to ten hours that day.

It depends on how often your pet sitter will come by. Usually, a pet sitter has other jobs and lives a ways away. That means that if anything happens to the dog’s food or water, they have to go without until the pet sitter comes again.

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, this isn’t the case. You choose how much attention and care your dog is given. They won’t have to feel alone while you are away. You also decide how much space they have and more.

Westbury TX dog hotel

Westbury TX dog hotel

Our pet boarding service will help your dog feel at ease while you are away. They will have everything they want and need while you enjoy your vacation. It is a way that you can ensure your dog is pampered while you go on vacation.

Luxury Accommodations

Instead of a kennel, give your dog the luxury of having the home to themselves. Here at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, you can choose your dog’s hotel. The spaces range anywhere from a spacious enclosure to the most luxurious dog hotel you can think of. We have something that will accommodate everyone.


This is a large enclosure for single and multiple dogs from the same family.

Standard Double

If they need more space than the Standard, then this is the one you need. This enclosure is a double-wide space for giant breeds and single or multiple family dogs.

Standard Patio

This is an enclosure for dogs who are used to having indoor and outdoor access. It includes its doggie door attached to a covered patio.

Plaza Suite

This is a private luxury suite. It has the floor to ceiling walls, a T.V., ceiling fan, a patio door, and wall coverings.

V.I.P. Suite

This is another private luxury suite. It has everything you need to help your dog feel at home. This suite has a toddler bed, with a six-foot sliding entry door and floor to ceiling walls.

Garden Suite

This luxury suite has everything that the V.I.P. suite has plus a doggies door that leads to a covered terrace. This suite is the best for dogs that enjoy having independent inside and outside movement.

Whichever accommodation you choose for your dog, you can be sure that your dog is going to love it. Give them all the luxuries of home and keep them out of the kennel. These spaces will give them the freedom they crave and the safety you want them to have.

Sometimes we worry about what our dogs could get into while we are away. This is often why they are kenneled when you aren’t home or when the pet sitter isn’t around. Contact Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to be your Westbury TX dog hotel. Know that you will never have to worry about your dog while you are away.

Pampering and Activities

Another worry for many dog owners is that their dog won’t get the attention they need. They could get bored and destructive, or maybe they have special needs. Either way, these needs have to be addressed.

Know that your dog is taken care of while you are away. With our care packages, you can rest assured that your dog won’t miss out on any of the fun while you are away.

The 5 Star Package

This package gives your dog five favorite activities to keep them active and entertained. It also includes a nature walk, and a dog park to get them outside of their kennel and give them the exercise they need. Then at the end of the day, they get to enjoy a bedtime belly rub and gourmet treat.

The 4 Star Package

This is an excellent package for moderately active dogs. It offers four of their favorite activities, a nature walk, and playtime. Then at the end of the day, they are given cuddle time and a gourmet treat.

The 3 Star Package

If your dog isn’t the most active but still likes to play, then this package is for them. They get to enjoy three activities, playtime, a potty break, and a gourmet treat.

The Puppy Package

This is for your younger dogs. These guys will get multiple outings, along with two potty breaks, and playtimes to keep up with their energy. Once the day is over, they get to enjoy a bedtime story and tuck in along with a gourmet treat.

Westbury TX dog hotel

No kennel, no problem. Make sure your dog enjoys both safety and fun.

The T.L.C. Package

The T.L.C. package is full of thoughtful and sensitive activities. It offers two stretch and mobility sessions, unlimited medications, orthopedic bedding. Then by the end of the day, they get a bedtime belly rub and gourmet treat. This package is for dogs who are older or who have special needs that require more sensitivity and care.

Trust that your dog will be cared for while you are away. They don’t have to miss out on vacation. While they can’t go with you, make sure they have a holiday themselves.

Calling Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to be your Westbury TX dog hotel will give your dog the love that they get at home. With our help, your dog won’t miss a thing.

The Best Westbury TX dog hotel

It can be tricky to find a sitter for your dog. However, now it has become easier than ever. You can give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort at (281) 835-4445 or come check out their location and website.

We are the best doggie daycare in Houston. Allow Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to be your Westbury TX dog hotel.

Fun Facts About Westbury TX

  • They have a population of over 20,000
  • The city was named after a town in New York
  • Westbury has two Houston Public Library locations
  • For more facts about Westbury TX visit us