Two Acre Play Yard

Dogs running in the dog park

Enjoy the opportunity for your dogs to experience off-leash play and exercise in our beautiful two-acre Fondren 5 Star Dog 2 Acre Play Yard in Missouri City, TX.  Our play yard is designed for safe off-leash fun and exercise for your dog.

Put a gleam in the eye and a grin on the face of your dog when you choose the secure outdoor environment of Fondren’s Missouri City play yard for off-leash exercise and play. It’s just a phone call away!

Access to the Play Yard

Our Dog Daycare groups spend time romping and running in the play yard every day, Monday through Friday, and they simply love it! Lodging dogs can select exclusive use of our southwest Houston off-leash play yard either as an individual activity selection or with the 5 Star Activity Package. Dogs in either selection are accompanied by a member of our staff who stay with them in the yard.

Families desiring a recurring scheduled time and date for their Play Yard visit may purchase a Play Yard Pass. All Play Yard passes are non-refundable,  non-transferable, and have an expiration date. If a play yard pass isn’t your thing, it’s still easy to schedule your romping good time. All first-time visitors to our Missouri City Dog Park must register in person at Fondren 5 Star Office.

If you have a dog that is uncomfortable with other dogs or maybe developing the social skills needed for the public dog parks, you can still enjoy off-leash fun in the southwest Houston area with our Exclusive Use of the play yard.  Monthly Passes are available for either Shared Use (for social and friendly dogs) or Exclusive Use (for less social dogs or a single family with multiple dogs wanting alone time in the yard).

Dogs playing in the park