Tricks, Treats and Boredom Busters For Your Dog

dog tricks & boredom busters: we teach your dog a fun new trick like weaving through your legs

Tricks, Treats and Boredom Busters

Did you know we have an activity to help dogs bust their boredom during the dog days of summer. Tricks, Treats and Boredom Busters is launching this July. This newest offering of our summer activities is choosing a trick for us to teach your dog while lodging.

By choosing this activity, your dog will have a series of training sessions with qualified staff to train one new trick during your dog’s summer lodging stay.  Qualifying stays require a 3 day minimum.

The proof of success will be a quick video or a personal demo when you pick up your pet. We’re betting that they can do the chosen trick.

Which Trick Is Right For Your Dog?

Catching a treat

What happens when you throw your dog a bone? We’ll teach them to CATCH THE TREAT




shaking hands

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog knew how to SHAKE HANDS when asked?





dog waving

We teach our human babies to say “bye-bye” so how about teaching the WAVE to our dogs?



dog rolling over

You might want us to teach the ROLLOVER to show off to your friends.




dog bowing

A BOW would be a nice way to start the day.





hoop jump

Maybe it will be JUMPING IN A HOOP.



dog weaving

WEAVING around your legs might be the trick.

Sign Up Now For Tricks, Treats and Boredom Busters

We have seven fantastically fun tricks, treats and boredom busters to choose from.  If your dog has not learned to do the chosen trick at the end of the stay, you don’t pay for this service.  It’s that simple.

Have questions?  Call our help desk 281-835-4445. Which trick will you choose?