Top Ten Popular Dog Breeds

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Top Ten Popular Dog Breeds

The top ten  popular dog breeds list is guided by the American Kennel Club’s statistics.  You may love a breed that may or may not be on this top ten list.  Whatever the heritage, your dog is your best friend and will always be the most popular dog in your life.

Top Dog Is The Labrador

  1. Labrador Retriever  The Lab is America’s dog! From being a fishing dog in the 1700’s, a hunting dog in the 1800’s, a service dog in the 1900’s and a lovable family companion today, the Labrador retriever has held the title of America’s favorite dog for the past 26 years!
  2. German Shepherd   Loyal, brave, and true, the German Shepherd is just as popular for guarding, herding and working as service dogs as they are a family dog.
  3. Golden Retriever   This funny, gentle and forever playful Golden wins the hearts of many families. These dogs are biddable, easy going and perform reliably as service dogs as well as family pets.
  4. Beagle  A perfect size for a family dog, Beagles are also known for following their nose. They are trained to work in airports alongside professional handlers, sniffing to keep travelers safe.
  5. Bulldog   A dog famous for their prominent facial features; a round, flat wrinkly face with an under bite. Bulldogs spend most of their time as house pets however some can ride athletically as skate board or surf board riders. Oh! Did I forget sports mascots? Go Bulldogs!
  6. Yorkshire Terrier   Just a tiny ball of fur with the ability to be vocal, fast and mighty when needed.
  7. Boxer   This dog is playful and popular as an easy to keep family pet. Sporting a short, smooth coat, they stay clean looking and are masters of the intimidation stare.
  8. Poodle    These smart and versatile dogs come in three sizes, have an array of coat colors and require regular grooming. Poodles are graceful,  intelligent and enjoy being around other dogs and people.
  9. Rottweiler  As a dog that loves to work, they can pull carts, herd livestock or protect homes and families.  Rotties are eager to have a job plus they are good with children.
  10. Dachshund    This is a dog short of stature but long on body and love!  Since they were bred to go to earth to root out varmints, bravery is in their background.  Dachshunds come in two sizes and three coat types and many color combinations.  However you get by with spelling their name, Doxun, Dachsun, or Dashhound, they are a delightful dog!


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