Top 5 Pet Videos

Top 5 Pet Videos

What do the Fondren 5 Star staff do when when we’re not at work?  Seems more than a few of us are finding entertainment with pet video’s on the internet! Today we’re sharing our top 5 pet videos with you. Some of these clips have been around awhile and others are new.

Be sure to see all five then tell us your favorite after you’ve viewed our number one pet video!

5th on our list is Blaze, the Husky.


Henri, the French cat with English subtitles, captured our hearts as #4.

Third on our list are two competitive feline brothers.


Our 2nd pick is all about the joy of just being a dog.

Our number one pick from our top 5 pet videos, with over a million views, shows a thirsty cat and a bowl of water.

Are any of our top 5 pet videos ones on your favorite pet video list?  Click here to tell us your favorite clip.

You might want to check out a few other videos that were in the running for our top 5 pet videos.  We had a tough time choosing our top five but there’s no reason for you to stop.

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