Tips For New Puppies

puppies in a box
Your new puppy is learning all about the big wide world every single day.  Whether or not you are actively teaching him, he is receiving information and for good or bad, forming repetitive behaviors. The good news is the formative time for puppies is brief compared to that of a child. Their name recognition, bathroom habits, the “sit” or “down” response, and leash walking can be all be taught before they reach six months of age.  Between four and five months, healthy and lively pups should have had the necessary vaccines to protect them so they can venture from outside their own home and yard.

Because puppy-hood covers so much territory in such a short amount of time, two things often happen. First, puppy parents often find themselves overwhelmed with frustrations and second, they tend to wait too long before seeking help from pet care experts.  As soon as your veterinarian gives the go-ahead, take charge of your puppy’s upbringing and socialization.

3 Tried and True Recommendations For Puppies On The Grow!

  • Day boarding (for either a half day or whole day), is an option where your puppy has a reservation to stay only during the day rather than overnight. Bring them in on your way to work and pick up on your way home. Being in a crate at home for all day is simply too long for young dogs when what they need most is socialization. Day board offers a secure space with time to meet new people and interact with the staff that care for them.
  • Daycare play groups (for half day or all day, one or more times a week), is another option instead of in-home all day crating. Play is a great outlet for exercise and socialization and dogs come home happy and tired.  Puppies and dog-friendly spayed/neutered dogs are both welcome in Daycare play groups.  As puppies mature, they can continue in Daycare if they are neutered.
  • Good manners training through basic obedience lessons (group classes, individual lessons, in-home training or Lodge-N-Learn for 3-5 weeks) provides the foundation for good behavior throughout the dog’s life. Just like a financial investment, the resources invested in early training for a dog’s behavior pays great dividends.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort encourages families to speak with their veterinarians about  puppy’s vaccinations then call 281-835-4445 to speak to a reservation specialist.  The help you’ve been looking for is just a click or call away!