Tips To Enjoy The Holiday

Holiday Realities and Remedies!

Before we show you some tips for holiday enjoyment, take a minute to read these reality or remedy captions for the photo of the puppy:

1. This happy puppy is a well trained actor and posing for just the right photo.

2. This cute puppy is the only pet in the house and just the right photo was a matter of luck.

3. This sweet puppy is with visiting relatives, knows how to sit, grabs a gift before the other dogs make it into the room and luckily the photo turns out just right because a person with a camera tells the dog to sit and voila, the dog sits.

tips to enjoy holidaysAll we can say for sure is this is a puppy and he is holding a present. Any of the above scenarios could be true.  All we really have is a captured moment, an “aw” moment, when nothing else is of concern.

Cause For Concern

If there’s one thing celebrations have in common, it’s their propensity to cause concern. Routines are upset, time is compressed and additional people are involved. Pets are not the purpose or the focus of the event yet pets are expected to participate with normalcy and good  behavior. With that in mind, when facing a celebration or special day, here are some tips to keep your pet safe!

  • Designate a safe room in the house for dogs to stay out of the way. Clearly state your rules (it’s your home!) and firmly follow them. Doors are used more often when their are visitors in the home and dogs can see an opening and be outside before they are missed.
  • Use portable crates and creative scheduling for feeding/elimination/exercise/sleeping when you have pets that cannot safely get along together.
  • Make sure your pets are micro-chipped and are wearing a visible form of ID. Have your host post the local Veterinarian’s holiday schedule and phone numbers.
  • Avoid feeding your pet rich holiday food. When fed their own food, pets are less likely to suffer stomach upsets.
  • Be sensitive to pets unaccustomed to new situations, challenged by being around young children, intolerant of increased noise levels or stressing from unwanted interactions.

Our Best Recommendation

Families with pets can pack away all these concerns by reserving holiday pet lodging. The value of reserving with an outstanding pet care facility is knowing your pet receives appropriate holiday activities with all your worries removed. Reserve your pet’s holiday room today!