why do thunderstorms frighten some dogs into thinking there is no tomorrow

Dealing With Dogs Frightened by Weather

Thunderstorms and violent weather are news makers.  Sudden cold fronts and seasonally warming temperatures mixed with humidity have the necessary conditions to produce storms.  Severe storms not only cause havoc in our daily lives , they can make life almost unbearable for some of our pets.

Most dogs have acceptable reactions to unsettling weather conditions ranging from being noticeably alert and cautious to displaying absolutely no inhibitions to a change in the weather.  You’ll find some dogs shaking, whining and hiding in the bathroom or  a closet.  Others have such extreme reactions that some even lead to danger such as digging out or jumping over fencing as they attempt to run away from the weather monster.  The behaviors are varied but all have an underlying and terrifying fear.

The calm after the storm can not always seen as a blessing when animal shelters consistently report an influx of lost dogs after bad weather. Behaviorist, dog trainers and Veterinarians with useful skills and resources may be called upon to help thunder-phobic dogs cope during these episodes.  Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort recognizes and honors the efforts pet professionals and pet parents expend to understand and aide these pets to safely endure storms.

Our Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort staff are trained to be sensitive to the needs of pets that are fearful or even Thunder phobic and will take the steps necessary to keep all guests safe and comfortable, rain or shine.   Call us at 281-990-8335 to discover ways your pet can benefit from our exceptional care.