Teeth Brushing

The Truth About Teeth Brushing

Teeth Brushing for Pets

Progress slowly and consistently when establishing teeth brushing as a routine for your pet.

If the truth about teeth brushing be known, many pet parents are mistakenly unconcerned about their pet’s oral health. Maybe their dog changed his name to Fang when they tried teeth brushing and they gave up after the first attempt. Perhaps they think all dogs have bad breath. The truth is clean teeth and healthy gums are important for several reasons:

  1. Tartar can build up and lead to increased gum disease and, ultimately, to tooth loss.
  2. Bad breath in pets is a sign that something is wrong as a healthy mouth has little odor.
  3. Harmful bacteria associated with the build up of  tarter on teeth or inflamed gums, left untreated, can enter the bloodstream and damage vital organs.
  4. Regular teeth brushing and dental care is much more economical when compared with costs of exams, medications and medical procedures not to mention the pain, stress and possible life threatening illness your pet may endure.

The prevention or delay of dental problems is your best choice but pets often impede or even halt the process of teeth brushing. Starting early conditioning with new puppies is ideal but dogs of any age need patient and insistent attention to their teeth and mouth.

Before actual brushing try lifting the lips and looking at teeth. Build trust gradually and make poking around in your dog’s mouth a very rewarding experience. If the only way to chase the ball or run after a squirrel is a brief but uplifting lip exercise, you’re on the way to building daily compliance.

Use a gentle circular motion with a finger brush or long handle pet dental brush, scrubbing plaque away from the gum line. Reward your pet frequently and richly with treats and praise. Human toothpaste should be avoided.  Use products designed for pets as they will swallow rather than spit.  Flush with water to rinse away the plaque.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers teeth brushing as an additional service with your pet’s scheduled bath or groom.  Our trained staff welcomes your questions and concerns and will happily guide you to improve your pet’s oral hygiene.