Talking Dogs


Talking dogs tell All!

What About Talking Dogs?

How much more would you know about your pet if pets could talk? Would talking dogs tell all? Would they tell all about their favorite food or favorite place to sleep, even their favorite toys and games?  Of course, you would ask them what happens when you’re not with them. You’d ask what happens when they’re home alone or at their favorite lodging facility or at doggie daycare.

Talking Dogs Speak their own Language

Unfortunately, pets only speak their language and without access to additional information, pets and people can become confused when trying to communicate with each other. If there were talking dogs, would we fall into complacent interactions in our conversations?  Would pets react to texting and e-communications in a new inventive way? For the time being it’s safe to say dogs and people must continue to search for ways to communicate.

All Dogs Want Outstanding Pet Care

Would talking dogs tell you all you should know about searching for pet care options?  We believe they’d tell you about the difference it makes when they are cared for by staff certified in pet care. In fact, one of the hallmarks of outstanding pet care are caring employees who have completed professional courses that cover the fundamentals of providing quality pet care. Your talking dogs would tell you they feel safe when cared for by those whose focus on them comes from knowing dogs and their inherent needs.

Pets Thrive With Staff Certification

This knowledge and skill sets are measurable and once obtained  can be immediately applied. Recognition of such staff credentials should give pet parents extra peace of mind when choosing a home-away-from-home for their pets.  If pets could talk, talking dogs would tell others how to find and feel confident choosing an outstanding pet care facility over less quality options.

Choosing Quality Over Convenience

Most likely, you first found us on-line. But how did you know about the care we would provide to your pet? When searching for outstanding pet care, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines sort by location rather than quality of care. On-line reviews are only helpful to a point as they are designed, whether for good or not, to present a one-sided view. Referrals by other professionals are also an important indicator but the details are truly in the courses that provide our staff training and certification.

Professional Certification Indicates Commitment

As a pet care provider, we see that professional certification demonstrates our commitment to the industry, the client and their pets. It lets clients know that we are serious about our work and willing to invest time, money and energy into educating our pet care assistants. Certification shows pet care staff are “true professionals, not just the neighbor or the kid down the street. Certification is an indicator that there is pride in their chosen field.

It would be great if pets could talk. We would be able to determine which facility is best for our best furry friends. We might get our pets all they wish for if only they could talk! For now, we just need to be better at watching our pets to be aware when they are trying to communicate. Even though they don’t speak our language, the qualities that define the best pet care choice are elementary to pets.