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Exercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health

Exercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health Keeping your pet active with age appropriate exercise is essential to your pet’s health. Your veterinarian can address your pet’s level of exercise at your semi-annual exams. The bonus for daily exercise is that moving the muscles in the body sharpens the mind. Finding time for daily exercise…

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The Wind and the Tracking Test

Once the date of a tracking test has been set, it will be held regardless of the weather. This little tale is about the wind and the tracking test. For a dog lover, there’s nothing better than seeing a dog working happily using their instincts and abilities.  Such are the dogs who are trained to…

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Dog Noses

DOG NOSES Would you agree dog noses are underrated? Let’s find out why! People are fond of aromas that are fresh, floral and fragrant while dogs prefer the three D s: dirty, dead and disgusting. The sense of smell is the first of the dog’s senses to develop.  Dogs are born blind and deaf and…

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