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Popular Patios For Pet Lodging

Popular Indoor/Outdoor Patios Ease Stress For Dogs With today’s pet lodging, why do customers increasingly choose indoor-outdoor accommodations for their pet? First, because  dogs love comfort and convenience just like people. Second, it’s no secret dog’s are considered part of the family. They are an important part of the routine and rhythm of the family.…

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Pets and Travel Plans

Pets and Travel Plans Many people consider travel an adventure and happily embrace detours, delays, changes and additional charges as part of the process. Others travel only when required to do so and are much happier to stay home. So, what to do when you have pets and travel plans? Do they go, or do…

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5 Travel Tips

5 Travel Tips For You And Your Pet The most important of the 5 Travel Tips when booking a vacation for you and planning pet care for your pet is when you should book. Lucky for you our pet care experts at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort know the perfect answer- as soon as possible!…

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6 Best Pet Grooming FAQ

If one or more of these pet grooming FAQ are ones you’d ask, take a look at the answers we have for you! Pet Grooming FAQ #1. My dog doesn’t like baths. If he has one while there will he still like to come for boarding? ANSWER:  Few dogs would choose to jump in a…

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Dog Walks

Dog Walks Dogs need to walk for exercise and mental stimulation. Walking is natural to dogs. They have four legs that enable their ease of travel and avoidance of boredom. Dog walks fulfill so many canine needs that no loving owner is excused for not including it in a daily routine. Exercise keeps muscles fit,…

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