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Dining With Your Dog At A Pet Friendly Restaurant

Dogs On Deck – Dining With Your Dog At A Pet Friendly Restaurant Manners Menu –  Comfy Starter You need to have a confident and comfy canine when dining with your dog at a pet friendly restaurant. That means a dog that is comfortable setting or laying by the chair of their family while at…

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Day Care Note

Today was your dog’s first day in Day Care! Today your pet enjoyed meeting and playing with new friends.  We mix sessions of vigorous games and outdoor activities alternately with indoor air-conditioned areas for restful activities. Our groups are small and well monitored.  Water is always available and noon time is a rest/nap time for…

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Tips To Enjoy The Holiday

Holiday Realities and Remedies! Before we show you some tips for holiday enjoyment, take a minute to read these reality or remedy captions for the photo of the puppy: 1. This happy puppy is a well trained actor and posing for just the right photo. 2. This cute puppy is the only pet in the…

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Eliminate Shedding With The FURminator

Love The Dog…Hate The Hair?What’s Available To Eliminate Shedding Dog Hair All dogs shed!  The urgency you feel about eliminating shedding dog hair may increase by the amount of dog hair on your furniture, your carpet, your car and your clothes.  This can’t be good so what do you do? Vacuum and Sweep all the…

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