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2018 Pet Trends

A Look At 2018 Pet Trends 2018 pet trends are generated by technology, refined by suppliers and purchased by pet owners. We started out looking at an article by Sarah Schmidt writing for market Some facts we expected and a few were surprising.     Suppliers Are Jumping on the E-Train The E-Commerce train…

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Activities That Rock

Activities that rock are worth telling you about because they’re designed to keep pets moving, interested, engaged and happy. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce mental stress, including anxiety and depression.  Add this to the fact that people spending time with a pet has been shown to reduce the pet’s anxiety about new places,…

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Pet Photography Tips

How’s Your Pet Photography?   There’s a place for both amateur and professionals when it come to pet photography.  The amateur or pet owner can get those candid shots we all love to have in our smart phones.  A professional  has what it takes to capture those posed moments when a shy or fearful dog…

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