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Pets and Travel Plans

Pets and Travel Plans Many people consider travel an adventure and happily embrace detours, delays, changes and additional charges as part of the process. Others travel only when required to do so and are much happier to stay home. So, what to do when you have pets and travel plans? Do they go, or do…

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Halloween Rhyme And Reason

Tips On Halloween Pet Safety 1. A dog cannot recite their address Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.  Tags, Collars and ID baubles keep pets safe! Halloween them on your pet so there’s no searching through “lost dogs” waif.           2. Keep Calm and Carry On By…

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Responsible Pet Owners

What Responsible Pet Owners Do “I’m a dog lover!”, some people say, yet their actions say differently. When their pet negatively impacts other people, pets or even the environment, their dog lover message is lost.  Luckily, a great number of dog lovers take a proactive and positive approach to living with pets. Here is what…

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