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Pets and Travel Plans

Pets and Travel Plans Many people consider travel an adventure and happily embrace detours, delays, changes and additional charges as part of the process. Others travel only when required to do so and are much happier to stay home. So, what to do when you have pets and travel plans? Do they go, or do…

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Pet Rescue Stories

Pet Rescue Stories The number of pets needing homes in the greater Houston area was enormous even before the flooding and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. There are untold people in our community who take the pet rescue stories to heart.  Every day they step up and do what is needed to help as many pets…

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Canine Flu Requirements Demand Your Attention

What Do You know About Canine Flu? Many of you have heard about the canine flu, specifically the H3N2 strain of Canine Influenza.  This newest flu is appearing in Texas recently and now in the Houston area. More than 30 states have reported cases of this strain of canine flu. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort…

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In a Hurry? Select Express Check-in

Most of you call in to our front desk staff to make appointments and reservations via a phone call and get an immediate response including a confirmation number (if you wish) for your pet’s future visit. A few clients have found it more convenient to send an e-mail or text message requesting certain dates, knowing…

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