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What’s In Your Dog’s Cookie Jar?

      What’s In Your Dog’s Cookie Jar? You can fill your dog’s cookie jar anytime and with any treats, but make sure the cookies or treats have wholesome ingredients that are healthy for your pet. Grocery stores, pet stores and on-line shopping sites tout all sorts of dog treats but none of them…

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Keeping Pets Cool

5 Tips For Keeping Pets Cool Your pets rely on you to protect them from danger and provide for their needs.  This can be difficult when dealing with weather extremes. The key to keeping pets cool when the weather is hot is to know your pet and follow the same 5 common sense tips we…

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TLC As Your Pet Ages

Our TLC (Tender Loving Care) Package is as good as gold as your pet ages. With the typical average life span for dogs and cats hovering between 10-15 years and pets turning into Seniors at age seven, have you thought about upgrading your pet’s activities? If your Senior dog could talk, what would he or…

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