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A Day At The Pet Resort

What Happens During A Day At The Pet Resort?   My family knows there are times when I would feel better and they would too if I were checked into my favorite Pet Care Center. I just want to show you what a day at the pet resort is really like. Especially if you’ve got…

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3 EZ Ways To Help A New Dog Settle In

Settling Into A New Home Congratulations on acquiring a new puppy or adult dog! How do you help a new dog settle in? Laurel Saville, UW-AAB of Rag Tag Dog Training in Vashon, WA has both experience and know how. Here are her 3 E-z ways to help a new dog settle in. “After years…

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Day Care Note

Today was your dog’s first day in Day Care! Today your pet enjoyed meeting and playing with new friends.  We mix sessions of vigorous games and outdoor activities alternately with indoor air-conditioned areas for restful activities. Our groups are small and well monitored.  Water is always available and noon time is a rest/nap time for…

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Preventing Dog Bites

Preventing Dog Bites While we all think our dog is the best, most of us give little thought to preventing dog bites by holding onto the belief that our dog would never intentionally do us harm. Our trained staff welcomes all dogs with confidence by knowing the dos and don’t s when handling dogs. They…

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5 Travel Tips

5 Travel Tips For You And Your Pet The most important of the 5 Travel Tips when booking a vacation for you and planning pet care for your pet is when you should book. Lucky for you our pet care experts at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort know the perfect answer- as soon as possible!…

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