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Exercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health

Exercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health Keeping your pet active with age appropriate exercise is essential to your pet’s health. Your veterinarian can address your pet’s level of exercise at your semi-annual exams. The bonus for daily exercise is that moving the muscles in the body sharpens the mind. Finding time for daily exercise…

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Keeping Pets Cool

5 Tips For Keeping Pets Cool Your pets rely on you to protect them from danger and provide for their needs.  This can be difficult when dealing with weather extremes. The key to keeping pets cool when the weather is hot is to know your pet and follow the same 5 common sense tips we…

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Activities That Rock

Activities that rock are worth telling you about because they’re designed to keep pets moving, interested, engaged and happy. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce mental stress, including anxiety and depression.  Add this to the fact that people spending time with a pet has been shown to reduce the pet’s anxiety about new places,…

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Let’s Go For A Dog Walk!

“Let’s go for a walk!” you say to your dog and what started out as such a good idea turns quickly into a contest that you don’t know how to win. Picture a dog already jumping, barking and circling with such excitement that it’s almost impossible to attach the leash.  Another scenario might be a…

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