Stress Relief For Pets

sad dogHow Can You Tell Your Pet Is Stressed?

Many times pet owners are simply unaware that their pet is stressed because the pet doesn’t look or sound stressed.  People handle stress differently than pets.    Everyone has stress and there are healthy ways to manage stress.  If you find yourself having more than your share, please know there are take steps to take to get stress under control for people as well as dogs.

Our pets, however, are not so obvious about displaying their stress although it too affects their health.  Due to traits inherited from their ancient clan, dogs are able to hide obvious signs of stress well for shear survival.  Individual dogs were meant to be a strong and vital part of the pack or else with Mother Nature upholding the stronger rather the weaker in the pack.

As pet care professionals, we are totally aware of the affect of stress on pets.  In the past, family pets would lodge away from home for a series of days and would look fine, eat well and eliminate without issues until they got home when stress related GI tract issues appeared.

We’re excited about something that has made a big impact on recognizing stress in the pet care sector and we want to share it with you.  Stress relief for pets can be as simple as being alert to your pet’s small body movements and acknowledge your pet’s stress by using calming signals put in their language. Our staff uses calming signals for dogs stemming from the research of Norwegian dog trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas who has literally written the book on dog calming signals.  Behaviors such as Looking away, Turning away, Blinking, Walking slowly,Sitting/Lying Down, Yawning, Sniffing, and Curving are related to calming the situation for a healthier outcome.

We’re not talking about rocket science procedures although they do relate to life form energies.   We know how important it is to approach at an angle and see the dog as a whole rather than focusing on the head, especially the eyes.  This simple act lessens a dog’s stress.  It is our job to identify situations that are stressful to your dog so we can resolve or avoid them.

Our primary goal for every pet we serve is to maintain their health and well being.  Providing a suitable activity for energy release  leads to a revitalized body that is healthier and happier even after being under the pressure of stress.   We are so pleased that pet lodging and off-leash play can now be a healthy adventure for your pet.  Our fun Activity Packages are designed to lessen stress by allowing dogs to move their bodies in play,  eat healthy pro-biotic treats and experience touch through hugs and cuddles.   We offer all this plus multiple daily wellness checks to be certain your pet’s stress is minimized and your mind is at ease.