Spinome Italiano

Spinome Italiano

Spinome Italiano

A Spinome Italiano

Each year when August 21st rolls around, the staff at Fondren 5 star Pet Resort are reminded of the Spinone Italiano dog breed.  We think this Italian dog’s breed name sounds very much like the famous Italian dessert, Spumoni and we love clarifying any confusion.  However there can be some pronunciation issues with this particular breed’s name.   It is an interesting exercise to explain what we mean when we say one thing and it means something entirely different to another person.  It’s something like hearing “To-may-toe” and  “To-mah-toe” or “Gahspetti” when they mean “Spaghetti” and even more confusing, “Ciao” and “Chow”.

Since every August 21st, when the calendar lists National Spumoni Day as a day to celebrate, we are in the habit of going right to the nearest Kroger or Fiesta. We then shout out “Ciao” as we pick up a carton of Spumoni from the ice cream aisle, fondly recalling some of our favorite Spinones.

The Italian Pointer

The Spinone is classified as a Sporting dog that is known to be sociable, patient and docile.  It has also been called the Italian Coarse-haired Pointer.  If a Spinome were able to go inside with us at the grocery store, we’re sure they’d be able to point us to the Spumoni.  We’ve been privileged to have had three such Italian Spinones stay with us:  Chloe, Giovanni and Cicollina, all from different families but all representative of their breed’s characteristics.

So if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for something to celebrate in the dog days of summer, there are many ways to make your day special when you celebrate National Spumoni Day.  On the other hand, if you’d like a connection to be introduced to a kind and loving dog with sweet sounding name, check out the  Spinone Italiano  to see why we are so taken with these large,  lovable Italian dogs.