South West Houston Doggy Day Care Near Me

Are you searching “South West Houston doggy day care near me?” If so, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is exactly the place you need. We offer an exceptional doggy daycare service for dog owners and their furry friends. Of course, we offer more than daycare for dog owners. Our services also include pet grooming, dog boarding, and dog training.

These services are what pet owners should look for in a pet care facility. It is also important to note that we provide care for more than just dogs. Our services also provide care for cats, birds, and pocket pets. Dogs may have the most options to choose from, but we welcome all pets.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was established in 1999 with the idea of providing plenty of space and activities for pets. The founder of the business, JoAnn Ellis, was looking for a boarding facility for her dogs. She wanted spacious areas and plenty of activities for her fur babies.

South West Houston Doggy Day Care Near Me

Dogs will have happier lives with doggy daycare.

Unfortunately, the longer she searched, the more difficult her objective became. So, she stopped searching and started the development of her own boarding facility. She purchased a plot of land near Sam Houston Tollway, US 59 Highway, and Highway 90A. There was more than enough space for the facility and a spacious dog park.

Since then, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has been dedicated to providing pet parents with the best services possible. Each of our staff members is assigned to the type of animal they like the most, so they get the best care. Most importantly, our dog daycare is a great option for owners looking to reap the most benefits.

South West Houston Doggy Day Care Near Me

Our doggy daycare offers a two-acre play area or dog park. The park is full of trees for shade and open grassy areas. Your dog will be able to run, bark, dig, and jump all over the place. They can perform all of that while you are away at work or out of town. Regardless, they will have kinds of fun while you are away.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers half and full-day daycare for dogs. Owners can choose between Monday and Saturday. Sundays are reserved for boarding dogs only. Saturday is only a half-day, but will sometimes feature a special theme. Monday through Friday feature both half and full-days. Drop-off and pick-up times are extended in order to provide the best convenience for owners.

Our staff members are dog lovers and are trained by the Dog Gurus. This organization is specialized in safe dog play so your dog will stay safe while in daycare. The ratio of dog-to-staff at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is low. That way, dogs can get the best experience possible.

Finally, dogs need to meet a few pieces of criteria in order to join the daycare festivities. You can find the requirements below.

South West Houston Doggy Day Care Near Me

Dogs get plenty of exercise and socialization while at our daycare.

  • All dogs are temperament tested
  • Dogs of all ages are welcome but must be neutered or spayed
  • All dogs must be healthy and up to date on vaccinations
  • Dogs require reservations for daycare

Benefits of Daycare for Your Dog

There is a slew of benefits for taking your dog to daycare. Dogs will benefit the most, but owners will also benefit from the changes their dog will have. Below, you can find a small list of benefits daycare can provide. If you truly want to reap all the benefits, then you should consider Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

Plenty of Exercise

The most active dogs require at least thirty minutes of exercise. This is important for dogs because it helps them stay in shape and burns off energy. Dogs unable to exercise will develop unwanted behaviors like chewing, digging, and barking. Exercise helps burn off that energy in a good way. It is also important to keep dogs in shape. Overweight dogs have a risk of developing arthritis, heart disease, and more.

Better Safety

If you leave your dog at home all day, then they will get bored or anxious. These feelings will cause your dog to chew or get into the trash. If that is the case, then they could potentially discover something that is harmful. Daycare will prevent this from happening and will ensure the safety of dogs. Staff members will watch dogs closely in order to keep them safe.

Reduces Loneliness and Stress

South West Houston Doggy Day Care Near Me

Reduce unwanted behaviors by taking your dog to daycare.

Dogs have feelings very similar to humans. They are capable of feeling stressed, lonely, and bored. In these cases, your dog will develop problems such as destructive behavior or even depression. Taking them to daycare will improve sociability and reduce stress. Instead of your dog chewing the couch until you get home, they can run in our two-acre dog park to spend all that energy. Plus, they might make some friends that they can see on a regular basis.

Builds a Routine

Humans and dogs are also similar in that they require a routine. Dogs have habits and will perform them like clockwork. It takes about twenty-five days for a dog to learn a routine. Add to the routine by taking them to daycare. Dogs become more relaxed when they know what to expect. So, if you take your dog to daycare every Friday, then they are going to know what to expect going forward. It is important to state that the frequency of daycare is important. Some dogs are unable to handle daily trips to daycare, so test the waters starting out.

Contact Us Today!

As you can see, doggy daycare is a great option when for dogs and their owners. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resorts wants to provide the best care for all of its guests. So, contact us today by calling (281) 835-4445. Owners may also contact us via the online form. Ask us about our dog grooming, boarding, or training. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in what we have to offer, then call us. Pet owners can stop searching “South West Houston doggy day care near me” and start calling.

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