South West Houston Dog Hotel Near Me

If you are searching “South West Houston dog hotel near me,” then Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the perfect place. We have more than 20 years of experience. Each of our dog-loving team members is held to the highest degree. Team members treat your dog like they were their own.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was established in 1999 by JoAnn Ellis. JoAnn was seeking a boarding facility for her dogs. She wanted large spacious areas and resort activities. Unfortunately, the more she looked the harder this mission became to accomplish. So, she decided to establish her own boarding facility.

South West Houston Dog Hotel Near Me

Take your dog on vacation by bringing them to Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

JoAnn purchased a plot of land near the Sam Houston Tollway, Highway 90A, and US 59 Highway. This plot of land was perfect as it had plenty of space for the facility and a dog park. She even worked closely with a pet-friendly architect so the facility was spacious, comfortable, and safe for pets.

Since then, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has held standards high when it comes to pet boarding. Our facility is capable of so much more than boarding, which is why many come to us for our pet services. From dog training to pet grooming, we have everything a pet owner needs.

Dog Boarding Options

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is never short of options. Each of our services has options for pet owners. With so many options, it provides the best experience for owners and their dogs or cat. When it comes to boarding options, cats and dogs have the same amount of choices. Both pets have six suite types owners can pick from. Both pets have spacious accommodations with climate-controlled areas.

Dogs can also expect other amenities such as televisions or radios. These features help us simulate life at home. We also encourage owners to bring their dog’s bed and favorite toys. These small touches will help your dog adjust to the changes in a boarding facility. Our dog-loving team members will do their best to make your dog feel comfortable and like home as possible.

We do believe the choice of a suite for your dog will contribute to their comfortability. Dog owners can view the full list of accommodations below along with additional details about each.

  • Standard – a large, spacious enclosure for one dog or multiple smaller dogs
  • Double Standard – a larger enclosure for multiple family dogs or a giant dog
  • Standard Patio – perfect for dogs accustomed to indoor and outdoor life as it features a doggy door to a toa-c0vered patio
  • Plaza Suite – features floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, and decorated walls for added privacy
  • VIP Suite – features floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, a toddler bed, plus a six-foot view sliding entry door
  • Garden Suite – everything within the VIP Suite plus doggie door access to a covered terrace for independent movements

As dog owners can see, our suite options provide various different experiences. Our rates start at $31.96 a night. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the dog boarding services. The scheduling team would be happy to help you find the right accommodations.

Dog Boarding Activities

If you want to add some activities to your dog’s stay, then we have a plethora of options. We have five standard activity packages for owners, but you are also welcome to choose your own from a list of options. These activity packages include things such as gourmet treats, nature walks, a trip to the dog park, and more. Each boarding rate features three elimination breaks in our large dog park.

South West Houston Dog Hotel Near Me

Your dog can run and jump in our two-acre dog park.

You are welcome to choose from the give activity packages below or hand select your own. It is important to note that if your pet is currently on medication, then our team of professionals will administer said medicine as directed.

  • T.L.C. Package – Two stretch and mobility sessions, orthopedic bedding, bedtime belly rub, and a gourmet treat
  • Puppy Package – Two playtimes, two additional elimination breaks, bedtime story, tuck-in, and a gourmet treat
  • 3 Star Package – Playtime, potty break, gourmet treat
  • 4 Star Package – Nature walk, playtime, cuddle time, and a gourmet treat
  • 5 Star Package – Nature walk, dog park, playtime, bedtime belly rub, and a gourmet treat

If none of these packages are exactly what you are looking for, then you can consider choosing from the number of different activities below.

  • Daycare Plus
  • Nature Walk
  • Dog Park
  • Playtime
  • Dog Walk
  • Extra Exercise
  • Potty Break
  • Cuddle Time
  • Gourmet Treat
  • Stretch and Mobility
  • Orthopedic Bedding
  • Bedtime belly rub
  • Storytime and Tuck-In

Additional Dog Services

Before you set up your dog boarding reservation, look over our other major dog services. Each of these services can be reserved alongside your dog’s boarding reservation. For example, dog owners can schedule grooming while they are staying in our care. Our groomers are highly experienced professionals. They are capable of grooming any size, breed, or age of dog. As long as they are updated on their vaccinations then they are capable of receiving our grooming services.

South West Houston Dog Hotel Near Me

Continue your dog’s training at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

In addition to our dog grooming, owners can reserve dog training or doggy daycare. Doggy daycare is a great option to get your dog into our spacious dog park for a time of play. They will be joined with various other dogs that will be as excited as they are. Or, you can send your dog to class with a refresher course. Our dog trainer will continue your dog’s training while you are away, so they continue to retain the information you have worked so hard to preserve.

South West Houston Dog Hotel Near Me

If you are needing a professional dog-friendly hotel for your getaway, then call Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort today. You can reach our scheduling team today by calling (281) 835-4445. While there, ask us about our various activity packages or the suite options. The team would be happy to help you decide which option is best for your furry friend. Pet owners may also contact us online via the form. Simply fill it out and we will get back to you as soon as possible. After that, you can stop searching “South West Houston dog hotel near me.”

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