South West Houston Cat Boarding Near Me

If you are searching “South West Houston cat boarding near me,” then you should contact Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Pet owners will find comfort in the cat boarding options we offer. Our staff is comprised of cat lovers, so owners can feel comfortable leaving them in our care.

There is no longer a need for owners to find a pet sitter for their furry friends. Instead, take them on vacation by boarding them at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We offer premium boarding options and various activity packages. Cat owners will have peace of mind when they board their cat with us.

South West Houston Cat Boarding Near Me

Bring your cat’s bed for a more comfortable stay.

Of course, cats are not the only pet we care about. We also provide dog boarding services, pet grooming, and so much more. Dog or cat owners can take advantage of our pet grooming services. These services are perfect alongside boarding. Additional services include doggy daycare, dog training, and bird and pocket pet boarding.

We understand how difficult it is to leave your pet with a stranger. However, we want to make that easier for owners. Our staff members are assigned to the types of pets they love the most. So, owners can expect the highest form of care for their feline friend.

Cat Boarding Options

Our cat boarding accommodations are spacious, clean, comfortable, and safe. When Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was established in 1999, it was designed by a pet-friendly architecture. With that said, each of our accommodations is perfectly designed for your pet. It is also important to note that our cat boarding facility is climate-controlled, so your cat will feel comfortable.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has six different suite options. You can read about each option below.

  • Single Condo – Single condos feature one a bench and a single shelf
  • Connecting Condos – Condos are capable of connecting to each other so two, three or four may be connected at once
  • Window Condo – Features a window overlooking the sun porch and is capable of connecting to other condos
  • Kitty Plan Pen – Features two resting benches and double entry doors for one or two cats
  • Plaza Suite – A great option for cat families, features floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting and so much more
  • VIP Suite – Features floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, a toddler bed, and more

Cat Activities

Cats are mischievous and playful creatures. Similar to dogs, they require interaction and playtimes. So, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has cat pampering activities for guests. Owners may choose the simple activity package, or they can select ones themselves. The package features a 15-minute playtime with wands and toys and a 10-minute cuddle time.

South West Houston Cat Boarding Near Me

Owners can select an activity package for their cat’s stay.

If your cat is not one for cuddling, then select from the following activities.

  • Playtime – 15 minutes of play with a staff member
  • Extra Exercise – 15-minutes of additional playtime
  • Cuddle Time – 10-minute interaction with a staff member
  • Bedtime Belly Rub – 10-minute interaction with a staff member
  • Storytime and Tuck-In – 10-minute interaction with a staff member

If you are interested in what Fondren 5 Stat Pet Resort has to offer when it comes to cat boarding, then call today.

Pet Grooming

As we mentioned earlier, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers pet grooming. What makes this service better is that it can be performed when your dog or cat is staying with us. So, owners can board their pets with us and have them groomed during one day of their stay. This option helps owners save time and money. It is also beneficial because our groomers offer a professional, friendly, and experienced service.

It does not matter the breed, size, or age of your pet; our groomers will be capable of getting the job done. They can perform a full-service spa or a simple trim. The option is up to the owner. Puppies and kittens are also welcome to grooming, but they must have all of their vaccination.

Owners can expect the following in our grooming salon and spa services.

  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated baths
  • Deep conditioning
  • Dematting
South West Houston Cat Boarding Near Me

Your cat can also enjoy the kitty playroom we have on-site.

Cat and dog owners can also expect complete professional baths alongside these services. It is super beneficial to have a professional groom, your dog. Regular bathing helps develop healthy skin and coat. In addition, our professionals can trim difficult areas such as the underside, tail, ears, and paws.

Plus, it helps trained eyes are able to detect specific issues associated with your dog. Since they are going over the same place several times, they may spot a problem in the area, such as a parasite or injury. Finally, regular grooming helps control shedding dogs, which can get out of control.

Aromatherapy Salon Service

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers one more option when it comes to pet grooming. Owners can select the aromatherapy salon service for their cat or dog. This service helps pets relax and de-stress. The package will involve citrus and coconut oils, which is one of the driving factors in soothing the skin. Lavender oil helps provide a soothing experience for your dog or cat. Owners can truly submit their cat or dog to a day at the spa. Essential oils and oatmeal baths will help them get through the rest of their stay.

South West Houston Cat Boarding Near Me

There are not many places in the Greater Houston area with cat boarding options. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is happy to offer such extensive services for cat owners. We also pride ourselves on the many options we have for cat owners. Owners can choose their suite type, activities, and grooming options. These are important when it comes to the quality of stay cats have.

The staff at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has the experience you and your cat need to be at peace. When you go on vacation, then take your cat on vacation as well. Board them with us so they can get the best possible care. Give us a call today at (281) 835-4445. Owners may also contact us online via the online form. Once you call us, you can finally stop searching “South West Houston cat boarding near me.”

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