Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

Dog owners searching “Sienna Plantation TX kennels near me” should give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort a call today. Our team is comprised of professionals and dog lovers. We are located in Missouri City, which makes us the perfect choice for neighboring areas such as Sugar Land or Stafford.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort provides the highest quality dog boarding services possible. In addition to our dog boarding services, we provide pet grooming, doggy daycare, and have a dog park. These pet services and more are what make our pet resort the best option in Missouri City, TX.

Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the perfect resort for your dog.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was created to provide resort activities and provide plenty of space for dogs to enjoy. JoAnn Ellis started a search for such details in a boarding facility in the 90s. However, she was unsuccessful when looking for a facility that had both. So, JoAnn established Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort in 1999.

Since then, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has provided the best care possible for dogs, cats, and other animals. Fortunately for dog owners, they have plenty of options when it comes to dog boarding at our facility. The options do not stop there. They can also select activities for their dog while they stay with us and so much more.

Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, dogs have several options to choose from when it comes to suites types and activities. Owners can choose from a variety in both categories, so their fur-babies get the best possible experience. Each of the boarding options at our facility is spacious, climate-controlled, and designed for comfort and safety. The suites will also feature a television or radio to simulate the sounds found at home.

Our suites start at $31.95 a night. Three elimination breaks are included in the daily rate with additional breaks and activities included in other packages. The packages include various activities. If your dog does not fit one of our packages or you prefer different activities, you are welcome to hand select a number of activities for your dog. Just note this during your scheduling.

Dog Boarding options

Below, you will find the dog boarding options available at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. If you want to know more about our suites, then give us a call today. You may also see additional information on the dog boarding web page on our website.

  • Standard – a spacious enclosure for one dog or multiple dogs of the same family
  • Double Standard – a larger enclosure for one large dog or multiple dogs of the same family

    Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

    Your dog is going to have so much fun at our facility.

  • Standard Patio – a great option for dogs accustomed to outdoor and indoor access, features a doggy door to a toa-covered patio
  • Plaza Suite – floor to ceiling walls, full-view patio door, TV, ceiling fans, decorated walls
  • VIP Suite – floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, toddler bed, and a six-foot sliding entry door with a viewing window
  • Garden Suite – features everything from the VIP suite and has a doggie door to a large covered terrace for independent movement

As you can see, our boarding accommodations vary significantly from one another. Furthermore, the details listed are not everything that is included in each suite. Find out more by calling us today and asking a reservation specialist.

Dog Boarding Activities

If you want your dog to have the best time possible, you should consider an activity package. The following packages are perfect options for varying types of dogs. We have options for active, moderately active, and lazy dogs. So, view the list below and decide which is best for your dog.

  • T.L.C. Package – two stretch and mobility sessions, unlimited medications, orthopedic bedding, bedtime belly rub, and gourmet treat
  • Puppy Package – two playtimes, two additional potty breaks, bedtime story and tuck-in, and a gourmet treat
  • 3 Star Package – playtime, potty break, and a gourmet treat
  • 4 Star Package – nature walk playtime, cuddle time, and gourmet treat
  • 5 Star Package – nature walk, dog park, playtime, bedtime belly rub, and a gourmet treat

Below, you can find the list of dog activities that you can hand-select from in case your dog does not fit the packages offered. Find further details about each on the dog boarding activities page on our site.

  • Daycare
  • Nature walk
  • Dog park
  • Playtime
  • Dog walk
  • Extra exercise
  • Potty break
  • Cuddle time
  • Gourmet treat
  • Stretch and mobility session
  • Orthopedic bedding
  • Bedtime belly rub
  • Storytime and tuck-in

Other Dog Services

Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

Our two-acre park is the perfect size for your dog and many others.

As Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on the variety of services offered. Dog boarding is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we offer. Dog owners can also choose dog daycare, pet grooming, and dog park. These services help us provide the best possible experience for dogs and their owners. Even better, all of these services can be scheduled alongside our boarding service.

For example, schedule a day in doggy daycare while your dog stays with us. Your dog will enjoy a day with others in the two-acre dog park. After that, they can get groomed by our professional and experienced groomers. These services will make their stay even better and save you so much time and money. Our pet groomers are capable of grooming any breed, size, or age of the dog. Simply schedule an appointment, and your dog will look better than when you dropped them off.

So, give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort a call today in order to schedule what your dog needs. When you leave for vacation, bring your dog to Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort for their own vacation. It is these options that make our resort the best in Missouri City.

Sienna Plantation TX Kennels Near Me

Dog owners seeking “Sienna Plantation TX kennels near me” should consider Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Our resort-like experience makes us a perfect option for various pets. You can reach our team by calling (281) 835-4445. Be sure to ask us questions regarding our services, such as boarding amenities and more. We are dog lovers, so your dog is going to love it here. Find more information about us on our location page or just give us a call. You can finally stop searching “Sienna Plantation TX kennels near me” and start scheduling today.

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