Remodel Complete

Following The Plan

The dust has settled, our lodging upgrades are finished and the building remodel complete. New indoor runs, safe play yards and security cameras are all installed, ready for use!

Check out some photos of our building makeover.  Be sure to see the one of our first little friend to curl up on a comfy dog bed in our new digs.

BEFORE THE MAKEOVERplay yard fencing

A lot of work but well worth the effort.  Shipping and delivery trucks brought all the materials. The new indoor runs have bright panels and stainless steel gates.

The Workmen Have Left The Building

It will be easy to separate to feed multiple dogs in the same family that stay together except when being fed.  There are many more panels with gates than we had before. A big ole nylon dog bone is used as the handle for their pulley system.

Remodel Complete

Our staff was great through the remodel and helped haul, carry, sweep, clean and assist.  They were so excited about the bright colors, saying the colors made them happy.  They  hoped the dogs liked the colors too. Every little thing is in place now and ready for an outstanding pet lodging experience. Book your pet’s holiday now!