Popular Patios For Pet Lodging

Bring Your Pet’s Bed or We’ll Provide One!Popular Indoor/Outdoor Patios Ease Stress For Dogs

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With today’s pet lodging, why do customers increasingly choose indoor-outdoor accommodations for their pet? First, because  dogs love comfort and convenience just like people. Second, it’s no secret dog’s are considered part of the family. They are an important part of the routine and rhythm of the family. Seldom are they excluded from family life. Therefor you can you see how easily stress can occur when there are separations such as pet lodging.

What Makes Patio Rooms Special?

Dogs have basic needs very much like people and as a result pet care facilities provide the essentials:

  • A comfy bed
  • Protective surroundings
  • nutritious food
  • access to water

For example there is a designated individual area with bedding, food and water inside the climate controlled building. Protective open fencing secures the area outside. The additional element patio lodging provides is independent access to information via the doggie dog.

Stress Relief Is Available

Dogs easily sense someone near them and happenings around them in their immediate area. However, if a dog is in unfamiliar surroundings, without their family, they may be unsure or even frightened. Simply put, popular patio rooms in pet care facilities are a modern miracles for these dogs. A doggie door leads outside to an extension of their lodging  space. The ability to interact freely or have a safe retreat is a game changing choice.  Stress is greatly reduced when dogs have this choice.

Now The Choice Is Yours

Indoor-outdoor patio enclosures in modern pet care facilities take safety and comfort to new levels. Fido’s indoor needs are met and the independence to freely move outdoors and back is added. With a minimum of five human-pet interactions per day (two feedings and three potty breaks) fear or loneliness disappear. A guest can see neighboring dogs while on the patio or have privacy when back inside. Stress-free pet lodging for all dogs is still on the horizon. Stress-less pet lodging is available now!  Reserve now for your next pet lodging. Be sure to ask for a Patio!