Polar Fleece Dog Beds

polar fleece dog bedding polar fleece dog bedding









Are you a fan of cozy and comfortable?  We can tell you that polar fleece, the material that is often seen in dog beds, provides one version of cozy and comfy to dogs. Modern synthetic Polar Fleece is an absorbent, soft, springy tactile fabric providing warmth and comfort. Polar Fleece comes very close to imitating the natural properties of wool but at a more affordable price.

Why Choose Polar Fleece?

The qualities people look for in their own clothing such as warmth, water repelling, light weight and affordable are the same for the fabric we seek for dog beds.

Most “family pets” either have their own bed or they sleep in their people’s bed.  Just like people, it is important for dogs to get a daily mix of vigorous exercise and quality rest. Fleece has restful qualities that the family pet at home and the family pet in lodging can both appreciate.

Fleece hardly holds any moisture. That’s why you see it used for pajamas but not so  much for towels! Wicking away water rather than absorbing it is just right for dog beds.

Fleece is light weight and drys fast. That’s important when doing laundry and you want a quick turnaround from collecting all the dirty to having all the clean folded and put away.

Fleece provides warmth.  It is an inviting proposition when your pet is resting on the strength and comfort of resilient fibers, surrounded by air.

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