All About Pet Treats

dog treats spilling out of a canisterTHE TREND ON PET  TREATS

Pets can have different dietary needs but most household pets today have one thing in common…they get plenty of yummy pet treats in addition to their regular pet food diet.  According to a Pet food manufacturers report,  an increasing number of people who own pets today are spending more than ever before on food items other than the necessary pet food diet for health and nutrition.  Treats have grown their share of the market, primarily due to dog owners turning to functional treats as a way to improve their pet’s health conditions and to promote wellness in their pets.

Giving your pet treats turns out to be a very personal matter. A guideline for those of you who do is that no more than 10% of your pet’s daily nutritional  intake should be as additional treats. To help you gauge the kind and amount of treats to give your pet ask these telling questions of yourself, your pet care provider and your Veterinarian:

  • Why you are giving your pet treats?
  • Will the ingredients in the treats you give  harm your pet?
  • Did you read the nutrition/ingredient label?
  • Are your pet treats made in the USA?
  • Should you give your pet “people food” as a treat?
  • How many treats should you give?
  • Is it okay to give treats when training a pet?
  • What about holiday treats?


In our experience, treats that are given to pets from the table at holiday celebrations and events should be on the Dangerous Treat List. These rich and often fatty foods can be an assault on your pet rather than a treat.  Very often they lead to gastric upsets or even more serious problems requiring an unplanned or emergency Vet visit.

During family celebrations or holiday entertaining, be pro-active and direct your family, guests and visitors to your pet’s own treat jar when they feel the need to treat your pet.  This container can be stocked with small size healthy treats with ingredients that you know and trust.  If you limit the amount to be given, make it a number between one and three pieces with the expectation that guests tend to be very generous.

shopping cart full of foodFondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers a healthy selection of pet treats through our retail boutique.  A home-made “Gourmet treat” is available with our activity packages.  Our Pet Deli items, training treats and other treat varieties are all made in the USA.

When directed by our pet parent’s, it is our pleasure to dispense their own purchased or homemade treats when their pets are lodging.

We welcome your comments and concerns about your pet’s diet and additional treats.