Pet Rescue Stories

Pet Rescue Stories

The number of pets needing homes in the greater Houston area was enormous even before the flooding and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. There are untold people in our community who take the pet rescue stories to heart.  Every day they step up and do what is needed to help as many pets as possible find loving homes.

Rescue Story #1

Dalmatians rescued by HOPEThe story of Spock and Tara, two young Dalmatians, is one of many pet rescue stories.  This pair was left for pet boarding while their family relocated to Florida. The family paid for pet lodging for a while eventually reporting they had gotten another dog.  They hoped Spock and Tara would find a new home.  These were two lovely spotted dogs but they were young and they were a bonded pair.  With the best of intentions both dogs were adopted together by a Houston family. Within the year Spock and Tara were returned.  The Houston family was moving and two large dogs were not allowed.  Again, Spock and Tara were in pet lodging until they were accepted into the pet placement organization called HOPE (Homeless & Orphaned Pet Endeavor). After several months, a lady saw Spock and Tara’s on-line photo and fell in love with them both.  Later, at a home visit, Spock and Tara ran and jumped with joy at seeing friends from the kennel.  As though a light bulb went on in both their heads, they crossed the room to sit by Donna, the lady who took them into her home and her heart. It was as if they were saying they were happy to get a visit but they didn’t need to go back to the kennel anymore. They knew they were in their fur-ever home.

Rescue Groups Make the Difference

HOPE has placed over 5,000 pets into loving home since it’s beginning in 1999. HOPE is an all-foster, adoption group based in the Houston, TX area. They rely on volunteers to provide foster care for  homeless dogs and cats (some too young or sick for adoption) until they can be adopted into loving, responsible homes. If you would like more information on becoming a dog or cat foster home, please email

Rescue Story #2

FPA Rescue Dog, Christian
Forgotten Pet “Christian” is in a kennel waiting for a home !

Houston, TX area: Oh my, his eyes are breath taking – “Christian” is in a kennel – waiting for a home of his own. This poor boy was dumped in a park, where he sat and waited for days for his owners to come back. He wouldn’t let anyone near, until he gave up and let someone rescue him. This boy is super sweet and loving. He is so forgiving of people. He just wants to please. Christian is vetted and micro-chipped. Born around 6-2015 and weighs 58 lbs. Open your heart and your home to adopt or foster this GORGEOUS boy. Message or Email:

Christian Still Waits

Since being rescued in December 2016, Christian is fully vetted, neutered, a graduate of a basic obedience class and still waiting for a foster or adopter. FPA (Forgotten Pet Advocates) is the voice for forgotten pets! Some have been in shelters or kennels anywhere from a couple months to over 11 years! Founded in 2011, FPA says “We will not stop til they are out of the kennel and into a loving home of their own!”

Two Pet Rescue Stories Among Many

So many more pets are now at the Houston SPCA and The Houston Humane Society. Did you know the greater Houston area has many other general and breed rescue groups who rescue, foster and adopt out pets?  Most groups have a website or Facebook page.  For a comprehensive listing, visit then go to Listings; Browse Categories; Pet Adoptions: Dog or Cat Rescue Groups. . Be sure to pick up the September 2017 issue of PETTALK Magazine and read more pet rescue stories. Be the difference for Christian or some other pet in your community by adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering.