Pet Photography Tips

How’s Your Pet Photography?


photography studioThere’s a place for both amateur and professionals when it come to pet photography.  The amateur or pet owner can get those candid shots we all love to have in our smart phones.  A professional  has what it takes to capture those posed moments when a shy or fearful dog becomes relaxed with a sense of trust or a dog about to cause a riot reverts to a more thoughtful, angelic side

3 Pros for Professional Pet Photography

  1. Experience, technique, equipment and artistic composition are behind successful pet photography.  When these essential elements are all available, the subject of a photograph is seamlessly captured from that single moment of time.  When pets are the subject, a photographer needs patience to be ready for that special moment when it happens.
  2. Lighting plays a huge role in the quality of a photo. Pets with dark or black coats in home photos generally lack the details that good lighting reveals.  Light reflecting from a pet’s eyes can make pet photography frightening rather than flattering.  The use of a flash will fill in the shadows and helps freeze the subjects.  A  professional pet photographer knows how to pinpoint the flash and use some sort of diffuser.   Professionals will have all the necessary equipment … strobes, diffusers and reflectors at the ready.
  3. Access to a professional photo lab offers optimum results for each individual exposure. If the exposure is too dark or too bright, it can be adjusted.  Colors on a print can be adjusted plus archival quality papers are additional benefits. Pet photography professionals are always seeking to add that special intimacy and unique perspective that people see in their pets daily but find difficult to duplicate when they are behind the lens.

Photo Composites, Professional Pet Photography, Pet Photos,One professional pet photographer has captured the hearts of many clients with his flair for producing professional results from his mobile studio. For many years, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has hosted successful photo sessions twice yearly with Kim Perry of Little Pals Pet Photography.  It’s so easy!  Clients sign up for a sitting time, arrive with their pet(s)on the day and time, let Kim work his magic then pick their favorite poses.   Both prints and digital CD’s are offered as well as gift items, personalized with photos.  Products are sent back to our facility in just a few weeks, ready for pick up.

We have quite a collection of composite photos from past events of pets we have known.  Some are current customers whom we see often while others have gone ahead and are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  We are grateful to have these captured moments.

If you still have thoughts about D I Y pet photos,  here’s an online source for you.   However,  if you are interested in our connection to affordable professional pet photography, call 281-835-4445 for more information.