Pet Parent’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Pet Parent’s Twelve Days of Christmas


on the 1st day of christmas: give your pet a special walk with lots of bubbles

on the 2nd day of christmas: protect your pets from holiday hazards

on the 1st day of christmas: make home made treats for your pets and an extra batch to share with others

on the 4th day of christmas: pose your pets for photos to keep or share

on the 5th day of christmas: confirm your pet lodging plans and activities

on the 6th day of Christmas: pick up all your pet supplies, special food and prescriptions ahead of the crowds

on the 7th day of christmas: make sure your pet has a secure collar with current ID info!

On the 8th day of Christmas: book pet lodging or daycare if you are gone for hours with shopping or entertainment. Your dog will get needed activity and no guilt for you!

on the 9th day of christmas: for leapin' lizards, give your dog a bath

on the 11th day of christmas make more dog treats!

Merry Christmas! On the 12th Day of Christmas complete your holiday shopping with treats and gifts for your pets!