Westbury Pet Grooming Near Me

Have you ever gotten Westbury pet grooming near me? There are a lot of benefits that you may find in our service that you might not get in other locations. Our Westbury pet hotel is specifically designed to bring the utmost care to your animals. Whether they are staying for one day or the entire week, there are dozens of great options and activities that they can enjoy.

Giving your pet a break from the average kennels they have to stay in during your trips can be a huge weight off your shoulders, too! It’s not easy leaving them in a strange and unfriendly place. While they may keep your pet fed and safe, they are probably not going in-depth on the comfort and relaxation that your pet could be in need of. However, we have excellent services including spa treatments that focus on just this.

Meyerland Doggy Day Care

Day cares with a dog grooming salon!

Pet Grooming Services

When you opt to give your pet grooming from Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort, you find that we have an array of services designed to keep your pet in a state of bliss. There will be frequent baths to keep them clean throughout their stay, and we give regular brushing to untangle any matted hair. Furthermore, there are options for nail trimming, teeth brushing and even ear cleanings if they are in need of it. We offer our guests fur trimming and deep conditioning for their coat to make it shinier and healthier than ever before!

Aromatherapy Is Also Available!

However, there are other options that we provide which focus just as much on their mental and emotional state as they do the physical one. We can offer essential oil conditioning that includes lavender, citrus and coconut oil that promotes healthy luscious fur and hydrated skin. In addition to this, the oils are known to increase mood and bring more relaxation and comfort to the body and mind.

We have three options for our spa services. The goal is to bring the most calming sensations to your pet so that they remain in a better state of mind throughout their stay. A positive mindset can contribute greatly to their health and keep them from getting too homesick. Our options for the aromatherapy salon are as follows:

  • Ultimate SPA – This will consist of a shampoo and conditioning which utilizes 5 different plant extracts to offer a natural supplement to the fur and skin. It also offers nail treatment and a scented facial!
  • Renew SPA – This version brings more support to your pet’s fur by including protein-packed cleansers.
  • Comfort SPA – Opting into the comfort spa will come with an oatmeal bath. Oats have been shown to be rich in nutrients that are ideal for skincare — even in animals!

More From Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

You will be impressed by the large variety of options that we bring to the table. As we mentioned earlier, Fondren is capable of offering single day stays or stays up to a month-long. It can be the perfect option for a work trip or even a vacation that takes you out of the city for longer than a few hours. When you leave your pet alone, sometimes it can be troublesome and they might not get the care they need to stay healthy. It can happen with poor dogsitters and even occur at the local kennels that keep your dog while you’re away.

Medicating Your Pet

“Want A Treat?” Hide your pet’s medicine in a smelly tasty treat!

Instead of getting a lesser trained group or individual to keep watch, you would probably find our experts to be a more comforting measure of support. They have the ability to spot any number of different issues before it ever gets serious. However, even our rooming options will outclass our competitors. We have several unique rooms for our pets that are incredibly luxurious. It’s the perfect option for high-maintenance pets that need a lot of care when their owners are away.

Doggy Daycare

When you are going to work or simply leaving town for the afternoon, you should consider our doggy daycare! We have organized it to completely serve all of the needs your dog may have. From eating a proper amount of meals to exercising regularly and staying clean. We even have specific times allotted to petting and socializing with the other animals. Of course, all of this can be changed and altered to fit your desires.

Pet Boarding

We also have a great selection if you are looking into options for keeping your pet longer than a day. We offer a variety of pet boarding options for owners. With a routine that will mirror our doggy daycare, they can live in our suites for multiple weeks if need be.

They will get the utmost attention and care every day. You can also select other packages that can help keep them disciplined and healthy. These options range from pet grooming to obedience training. There can be a larger schedule made for them or perhaps they simply enjoy lounging about and eating properly. As with the daycare, we can curtail our services to fit your pet’s wants and needs.

Two dogs playing in the yard

Contact Us For Westbury Pet Grooming Near Me

Grooming can truly make an impact on your pet’s life, and also yours. Treating them to a one of a kind experience can do wonders for their mood. It can even give you a little boost. Just imagine, your pet is in a luxurious hotel while you’re out of town in a hotel of your own!

You may even find that your pet is getting better treatment than you are! Some human hotels don’t give as much focus on the quality of living as we do. If you’re looking to get in contact with one of our representatives, all you have to do is give us a call at (281) 835-4445 or visit our website for more options. We are always looking to bring another pet into our care. It brings us joy to keep them happy and clean! Please consider all of the best aspects of Westbury pet grooming near me!

Fun Facts about Westbury

  • Westbury homes are about 20 minutes away from downtown Houston
  • Westbury homes are surrounded by numerous shops, restaurants, and entertainment centers including the Galleria, Braeswood Square, and Meyerland Plaza.
  • The area of Westbury is home to many award-winning schools such as Kolter Elementary, Johnston Middle School, and Westbury High School.
  • For more information about Westbury, click here!