Sugar Land Pet Grooming Near Me

Are you looking for Sugar Land pet grooming near me? The best option within your area is Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort. We are a family-owned business that devotes a lot of care and attention to pets of all kinds. Our company has been in business for 20 years and we’re continuing to excel in each new year. We want to be the providers of a very important service to you and your pet, and that is training, boarding, and grooming. However, for this article, in particular, we will only focus on the features of grooming.

Pearland Pet Hotel

Our grooming salon includes all kinds of care from a blow-dry coat cleaning for de-shedding to getting your ears cleaned.

These aspects of pet care are crucial for the emotional and physical state of your animal and the quality of life they’re receiving. There can be many reasons why you may not be able to offer such an intensive and extensive care to your animal. You could be working long hours, or not have the equipment within reach at the time that you are free. Sometimes you may just be out of town and can’t provide the regular routine. Fondren will be happy to take care of your needs, and those of your pets!

Services at Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

Our company provides many unique services for pets and keeps them safe throughout the entire process. You can look at our Sugar Land pet hotel for some of the most pivotal times in your life. This can be a moving experience or even a big vacation that you’ve been planning. It can also be a small weekend business trip. Whenever there are moments that you aren’t able to schedule out a plan for your pet or you may not have the time, Fondren is there.

You can bring your pet to use in the event that any of the above circumstances occur. We will happily provide pet boarding for a home away from home. To ensure that their stay is good enough to compensate for your absence, we have made luxurious additions to our location to accommodate the most lavish of pets. Our dog kennels and suites provide the best options when it comes to boarding. However, all of these extravagant settings are not restricted to just pet boarding alone. In fact, we will care for your pets for one day or even just an afternoon.

This is because we also offer doggy daycare, dog training, and pet grooming, too! These services can be included in the pet boarding, but they are also stand-alone features of our pet resort. We want to provide the utmost quality and will ensure that your pet stays healthy, nourished and active. To understand a little more about our grooming services, we will elaborate below. You can find information on our other offerings on our website here, though.

Benefits Of Sugar Land Pet Grooming Near Me

There are plenty of aspects of why grooming could be needed. Good grooming can return your pet to optimum health, and bring out a beauty in their coat that may have never been seen before! Our work focuses on the most nutritious regiment of supplements for your animal. When you add the proper ingredients to our itinerary of treatments, it will both soothe and invigorate!

Your pet’s fur will become richer and fuller. We will also clear the extra hair so as to reduce shedding. With the addition of healthier skin, cleaner teeth, and nail treatments, the benefits are far-reaching. To describe the exact services in more detail we have listed some of the services:

  • Supplement baths
  • Trimming/Filing of nails
  • Cleaning out the ears
  • Care for shedding and untangling matted hair
  • Aromatic facial cleanses
  • Teeth brushing
  • Conditioning
Medicating Your Pet

To get your dog groomed right, come to our pet groomers for a small dog, a big dog, and many other species as well!

As you can see, our features are very holistic and cover all of the various aspects of an animal. We want to make sure that we clean and rinse every part of your pet! That is why we also offer an additional aromatherapy service that will continue the grooming experience and cleanse the mind just as much as the body.

Try Our Aromatherapy Salon!

Aromatherapy is a powerful and ancient practice that has grown more popular in recent years. Studies have found that it provides exceptional relief for humans through the scents of certain oils or materials. The result can either stimulate or relax your body, sending healing signals to the nervous system and energizing the mind. We have also found that this tradition is also quite effective in animals.

Therefore, we have developed a range of services that implement aromatherapy for your pet. This can be found in the essential oils and plant extracts that we use to make our conditioner and shampoo. We offer several packages that will add to the aromatic experience through the use of sprays, protein-packed cleansers, and an oatmeal bath to enrich and hydrate the skin. Our goal is to bring the ultimate spa package to your pet and take care of them while you are away. With our care, your dog will return to you in a better condition than when you left!

Your dog will be soaring after one of our groomings


The care that we provide with a Sugar Land pet grooming near me is not only affordable but within a good distance, too! This way, we won’t inconvenience you when you are trying to make your time more efficient through our services. Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort aims to be as supportive as possible and help with your busy schedule as best we can.

To speak with our representatives about getting one of our services or reserving your pet’s stay, call us! Our number is (281) 835-4445 but you can also visit our pet grooming page online. We are proud to offer healthy, luxurious, grooming services to your pet, it will do wonders! 

Fun Facts about Sugar Land

  • Home of Imperial Sugar Company
  • Only a 20-minute drive from downtown Houston
  • A meteorite now on display in the Sugar Land Museum of Natural Science contains Krotite, one of the world’s most recent mineral discoveries!
  • For more information about Sugar Land, click here!