South West Houston Pet Grooming Near Me

Come discover the wonderful benefits of South West Houston pet grooming near me! At Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort, we offer some of the highest quality treatments and services for your animal. Whether it is a dog or cat, we can take care of their health and provide them with amazing grooming care. They will leave our location clean and happy. We ensure that our treatments provide long-lasting solutions with the help of organic supplements and highly trained experts! However, grooming isn’t the only option that we provide. You can find that our other packages may be just as enticing. After highlighting the great aspects of our pet grooming, we’ll go over some of them in this article.

You will love the results of the professional dog grooming services included in our packages!

Services at Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

There are more options available aside from the grooming. We can take care of your pets with immediate service but another incredible option at Fondren is our pet boarding and daycare. If there is ever a time that you might have to leave the city for business or go on vacation, you can drop your pets off at our resort. We have suites and a large 4-acre lot that can house them and provide all of the amenities that they might need.

There are luxury suites with TVs and beds, as well as economical suites that are great for budgeting. They will get services such as obedience training, exercise and belly rubs by the whole staff. It’s a brilliant option for those times when you can’t give them the love and care that they deserve. We want to be there to take care of them when you’re unable to. This way, they’ll be happy and healthy when you return!

Pet Grooming Services

When it comes to our groomings, there are a number of treatments that we provide. From the nail trimming to de-tangling the matted fur on your cats or dogs, there is a lot that we offer which you might not find at another pet lodging. This is why we like to consider our location a resort instead. As you can see from our options below, your pet will be given the star treatment.

  • Bathing services
  • All breed grooming
  • Nail trimming or filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • De-matting and brush-outs
  • Fun, scented facials
  • Shedding control services
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated baths
  • Deep conditioning

As you can see, there are a number of services that will keep your pet clean. Form the start, they will get a luxurious treatment that can uplift their mood and take care of their hard to reach areas. Sometimes you may not have the time to even give them some of the cleaning services that we offer. Of course, there may be times when you give them baths or have their fur treated, but is it consistent and as intense? Perhaps you may find that we can give a more focused cleaning in the time that we provide. Instead of missing out on their hygiene due to lack of time, you can pick them up after work in the greatest condition they’ve ever been in!

Try Our Aromatherapy Salon!

We also provide aromatherapy for your pets as well. This is a beautiful way to help increase relaxation and comfort whilst promoting a more positive mood. This is a service that is even provided to humans for their mood-balancing effects. We have found the same success in your pets, too! Our shampoos blend dozens of plant extracts that have natural supplements for the skin and fur. We also have a calming aromatherapy spray to instill a sense of relaxation in your pet. Just as it is the case for humans, your pet’s mood and emotional state can also affect their health. That’s why it is very important to give them mental support just as much as physical care.

Your pet will be safe and happy at our doggy day care and dog training!

When it comes to our grooming services, they will consist of 3 tiers. The first treatment titled Ulitmate SPA will include nail treatment, organic shampoo, and essential oil conditioning. The second option which we call Renew SPA offers protein packed cleaning of the fur to encourage a healthier coat. Finally, the third SPA option titled Comfort provides an oatmeal bath that will do wonders for your pet’s skin. We want to ensure the utmost care and treatment for your animal, after all, they deserve it!

Benefits Of South West Houston Pet Grooming

Whenever you give your pet grooming, there are a lot of benefits that they can receive. Of course, it will depend on the condition that they arrive in, but even still, there are plenty of aspects where their hygiene can be enhanced by a large degree. Just regular bathing alone can contribute to healthier fur and skin. Of course, when they get those regular baths, they have been known to shed less, too.

Our experts are trained to notice any potential problems, and they can spot the matted hair that could cause skin problems in the future. As we said earlier, we also offer nail trimmings. This can be of great service for you and your pet as sharp nails can cause problems for you, other animals, and even your home. We want to ensure that our care is so comprehensive that we even offer ear cleanings!

The spa treatment at our animal bath house will give your pet far more than a full bowl of food!


There are plenty of great features about a South West Houston pet grooming near me. First of all, it will be close by to where you stay so it’s not an inconvenience in terms of travel. Furthermore, you can enjoy all of the other benefits of our pet resort as well. It may be a perfect option for your vacation plans or if you simply need to give them a good cleaning. Your pets are fun-loving and adventurous, they may have spent too much time in the muddy park the other day and need a spa day to wash it out.

There are all kinds of reasons that you might find our services helpful. If you’re interested in getting to know our services better or would like to set up a date to begin, give us a call now!  You can reach our Southwest Houston Dog Hotel at (281) 835-4445 or simply visit our website. We look forward to working with you and your pet! 


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