Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel

Fondren 5 Star Pet Hotel is the premier resort for family pets who need lodging during their parents’ absence. If you have a trip or vacation planned or need your pet out of the house for renovations, consider our resort. We offer your pet the opportunity to experience the same comfort while away as they would from home. In fact, they might even experience new activities and learn new skills!

Our pet hotel can comfortably accommodate dogs, pets, birds, and much more. We have both the real estate and the amenities to make every stay an enjoyable one. Your pets will be as happy to return to Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort as they will be to come home to you. Below, we’ll describe the suites and services available for our most frequent guests, dogs, and puppies. However, you can find information regarding our cat boarding, as well as avian and pocket pet boarding, on our website. If you need more information, a staff member is only one call or email away. You can conveniently find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel

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About Our Resort

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is located within Houston limits but provides easy access to several neighboring communities. We are situated on four acres of lush real estate and our outdoor amenities include a two-acre dog park and 24 play areas, each with its own kiddie wading pool for your pets to cool off during the summer. Additionally, our resort is located near a beautiful park, which we frequently visit to take our adventurous guests on nature walks.

Within our pet resort, you’ll find spacious rooms that can easily accommodate large-breed adult dogs, with space to spare. Our rooms for both dogs and cats feature a range of amenities intended to convey the comfort of home. Our rooms are cleaned regularly throughout the day and bedding each changed each morning. We also have a spa area for guests who request grooming services.

Dog Boarding

At our pet resort, you’ll find six various types of suites for dogs. All of our dog boarding options are cozy, climate-controlled areas with plenty of space for your pet to lounge and walk around. If your pet is relatively low-maintenance, he or she will feel right at home in our Standard or Standard Double Suite. Alternatively, the Standard Patio allows active and independent dogs the ability to travel between their suite and a covered outdoor area, at their leisure.

We also have private luxury suits with decorated wall coverings. This suite is great for shy dogs who like to have their alone time. This suite also offers a full-view patio door. This allows your private pet to still travel in and out the suite into a protected area when they need some fresh air. We also have suites with toddler beds, for pets who aren’t accustomed to sleeping on doggie beds. Several of our suites also feature televisions. The sound of the TV is a common but often overlooked aspect of a dog’s home life. With a TV in their suite, they’ll have a sense of familiarity during their stay. Our most luxurious, Garden Suite, allows your dog to access a large covered terrace. This area is larger than our patio outlets, which is ideal for larger dogs who want more space to run and play outdoors.

Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel

Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel

Dog Activities

After you pick the best suite for your pet, you have the option to choose between several activities your pet can participate in during their stay. Many of our activities are nicely organized in packages, which provide a full day of fun for your pet. However, our unique guests often benefit from a la carte activities. Consider your dog’s activity level, physical ability, and favorite activities when trying to decide which activities are best. Our activity packages are organized in terms of activity level, with the T.L.C. option offering slow-paced mobility sessions and orthopedic level, while the Puppy Package doubles up on playtime.

Our individual activities include group play, nature walks, time at our dog park, and playtime with staff and/or other doggie guests. Other activities for your dog include cuddle time with our staff, gourmet treats, bedtime belly rubs, and storytime and tuck-in before bed. If your pet needs additional exercise or potty breaks, we can accommodate those needs as well.

Dog Training

In addition to playtime, exercise, and cuddles, we also have trainers available. If you want your dog to learn new tricks during their stay, request one of our training programs. We provide two options for lodging dogs to acquire training at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Our refresh training is best for dogs who already have acquired some commands. During your dog’s consecutive stay, we’ll review and perfect those commands and focus on the areas that you want your dog to approve on.

Our other program is Lodge-and-Learn Training. This training program takes place during a dog’s 21-day stay and covers all of the basics. When you return to pick up your pet, we’ll be able to demonstrate what was taught in the last month.

Dog Pampering

We offer dog grooming services at our resort. You can select these grooming services as a part of your pet’s stay. However, you can visit us any time you need our services! Dog grooming is essential to maintaining the health, comfort, and hygiene of your pet. We can fit our grooming services into your pet’s vacation, or make an appointment for another time. Click here to learn more about our grooming and spa packages.

Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel

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Call Our Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel!

When you are ready to make a reservation for your pet at our resort, you can call us at (281) 835-4445 to get started. Alternatively, we offer the option to make a reservation online. Our Sienna Plantation Pet Hotel is a great place for your pets to unwind and relax. Let us know how we can personalize your pet’s experience at our resort, and make their stay even better.

Sienna Plantation Fun Facts

  • Trees over 200 years old still stand tall in Sienna Plantation.
  • Sienna Plantation is one of the most diverse suburbs in Houston.
  • In 2015, this community was listed as one of the top five places to live in the U.S.
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