Pearland TX Animal Boarding

Pearland TX animal boarding is what Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort specializes in for your pet. Your pet will experience the most out of our luxury hotels and feel happy doing it. If you haven’t heard of a pet resort before, we do everything we can to accomodate the needs of your pet. You can count on us to take care of your pet with professionalism and diligence. We understand that pet owners need to have jobs, vacations, or have social events to tend to throughout the day. Therefore, they can’t always be there for their best friend.

Pearland TX Animal Hotel

Pearland TX Animal Hotel

Your pet will most likely be bored at home until you come back to greet them. After all, the first thing your pet probably does is wag their tail in anticipation of your arrival. As they look forward to play with their best friend, you’re tired due to the routine of the day. Therefore, instead of getting time to engage in a fun activity or play with someone else, they experience more lounging around the house. However, pet boarding can be a solution for your friend.

We love pets, dogs especially and would be more than welcome to take care of them for you while you’re away. We want your dogs to experience the best treatment possible while you’re away from home. Afterward, they can go home fulfilled from an exciting day. We know our owners love their dogs. Thus, we implement the utmost care when they are with us. We have dog training, dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog grooming options for your pet. You can schedule a reservation, and our specialist will be more than welcome to assist you. Besides, dogs deserve the best treatment after all the services they provide for some owners.

Pearland TX Animal Boarding Makes for a Great Time

We want to make sure your pet has the best experience while here, which is why we do everything we can to make sure their stay is enjoyable. For example, our pet boarding has a day of pampering. Cat boarding will allow your cats to have additional exercise, engage in activities, and enjoy comfortable kitty condos at their leisure. Our cat boarding accommodations are clean, comfortable, and enjoyable. The cat-loving staff we have, we’ll make sure your pets are never disappointed.

We have a single condo which consist of a comfortable bench and a shelf for an only cat. If that’s not enough, a single condo can expand to become a duplex, triplex, or even a four-plex. We don’t shy away from enlarging the space for your cat. You can count on us to accomodate your pet’s needs when it comes to space. Also, we have a window condo that allows your cat to look outside to the Sun Porch. Along with our regular condos, we have specialized spaces that consist of a Kitty Play Pen, Plaza Suite, and VIP Suite option.

Our Kitty Play Pens consist of two resting benches and double entry doors for a single cat or two. Our plaza suite has an elegance to it with floor to ceiling walls and ambient lighting. Other features also contribute to this option’s luxury. Lastly, our VIP suite has a toddler bed, a full view of a six-foot sliding entry door. Along with our spacious amenities, we also have activities. These activities consist of playtime, extra exercise, cuddle time, bedtime belly rub, storytime, and tuck-in. Our staff engages with your pet when they’re here and don’t neglect them during their stay.

Training fun

Our trainers have fun too!

The Pet Resort for Your Furry Friend

If you’re looking for a pet resort for your furry friend, look no further than Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Pearland TX animal boarding is here for the owner as well. We know how hectic raising a pet can be. A dog, for instance, can be troublesome without the proper training. Therefore, we have dog training that is broken down in four ways. We have individual lessons, group classes, refresh training while lodging, and lodge and learn. Each one of these sessions aim to teach your proper pet mannerisms and be a better pet.

After all, we all love our pets, but obedience is a necessity for household activity. Individual lessons, for instance, allows your dog to be with skilled training instructors for forty-five minutes to an hour. These lessons contribute to making your dog easier to communicate with in terms of commands. Plus, we have our group classes. These classes allow owners and their dogs to meet weekly at our facility for an hour of instruction over five weeks. The bond between you and your pet will deepen as you start to understand each other more. Bonding is a necessity for pet parents and their dogs.

Without establishing some relationship with your pet, training them can be difficult. Therefore, our training sessions are designed to make communication more feasible. Our feature of refresh training while lodging is a session that involves a specified lesson from the dog’s owner. Besides, a refresher course for your dog won’t hurt. Some of you may experience your dog not listening now and again whenever you say, “sit” or “speak.” We also lodge and learn that has twenty-one days of dog training sessions with the trainer. While your pet is lounging, they can learn lessons in the meantime.

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Rocky, your pet having fun

We care about your pets!

As you can see, we truly care for your pets while they stay with us. Pearland TX animal boarding is more than a service. It is a chance for your pet to learn, play, and bond with other pets to have a blissful experience. Along with cats and dogs, we also have boarding for Avian and pocket pets. Ferrets, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas are all pets we have taken care of before. It was our pleasure to take care of such animals, and we will continue helping owners for some time to come. Contact (281) 835-4445 for more information! Don’t hesitate to make us your Pearland TX animal boarding facility.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • The city was ranked the 15th fastest-growing city in the United States in 2010.
  • We’re known as the “Agricultural Eden.”
  • Oil was discovered in the city in 1934!
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