Missouri City Pet Grooming Near Me

Have you gotten a chance to get a Missouri City pet grooming near me? There are always many great benefits of getting grooming for your cat or dog. We will spend some time today going over all of the great aspects that grooming can help your pet get the most out of their lives. It can also be a great benefit to you and your daily living conditions as well. A cleaner pet running through your home can always be a nice thing.

However, a great pet grooming isn’t the only option that we provide at Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort. We’ll go over the great options for pet grooming but also highlight some of the other services we offer. You will find that our business is truly devoted to your pets and their quality of life. Whether you are out away on a trip or just looking to enhance your pet’s hygiene, we are happy to help!

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We Offer Missouri City Pet Grooming Near Me!

When it comes to getting your pet groomed, you are actually engaging in a very prosperous activity. The health of your dog or cat can be greatly enhanced through grooming. Your pet can return to you in a condition that is truly amazing. That’s not to say that you keep your pet in poor health but rather, our grooming services just go in that great of depth. We have an exceptional system for grooming and outstanding staff to oversee the job.

Benefits Of Grooming

There are plenty of reasons why you should get grooming for your pet. For example, they can benefit from frequent bathing. It can help clear up their coat and also contribute to a better condition of their skin. We can ensure that matted hair on dogs or cats is alleviated also. That has been known to cause these animals a lot of stress and turmoil. Furthermore, nail trimmings are also very helpful not just for your animal but for the floors and doors of your home, too!

We also offer some of the more difficult treatments that keep their ears clean. It’s a small aspect but just like cleaning human ears, it can make a huge difference! We have expert groomers who can take care of these types of tasks for you. They are trained to detect any health issues or concerns as well. This will ensure that your dog will return to you in a far better condition.

More About Our Spa Services

Of course, our grooming options are going to be more extensive than this. We provide some of the highest quality care for our guests and we are proud to show it off. There are many options that your dog may not have ever received in the past. Imagine the type of results you can see if this is one of their first groomings!

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If you can’t take your pets with you on your trip, our pet resort is the next best thing!

Salon & Spa Offers

We provide your dog or cat with basic treatments and even options that are not so common. This will include the following services. They can either be done individually or as a part of a package that you select. We will discuss the types of package that we offer later on in the article. Below is a list of grooming services that we provide:

  • Premium bathing services
  • All breed grooming
  • Nail trimming or filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • De-matting and brush-outs
  • Scented facials
  • Shedding control services
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated baths
  • Deep conditioning of fur


The grooming options go further than the list that we stated above, too. We also have an aromatherapy salon that takes a special approach to the grooming routine. While the other service will take care of the basic treatments, aromatherapy is a unique option for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Our treatments include shampoos with specific plant extracts for increased mood and essential oil conditioners to follow. We also have an aromatherapy spray that can provide great calming effects. For these services, we offer up to three different options for this salon.

  • Ultimate SPA provides nail treatment, facials, shampoo, and conditioning
  • Renew SPA offers protein-packed cleaning for the coat of the animal
  • Comfort SPA also includes an oatmeal bath for your pet, perfect for building healthy skin
Missouri City Pet Grooming Near Me

Scented facials, essential oil baths, all of the necessities!

More At Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort

You won’t just find grooming services at our pet resort, though! We offer a unique array of services that will amaze and excite you. At Fondren, we can provide boarding and obedience training, and even doggy daycare to keep your pets in a healthy and happy condition while you’re away.

  • Pet Boarding

    • Imagine being able to give your dog the kind of lavish hotel experience that you might have on your travels. When you’re going on a trip, that’s exactly what you can do at our resort. We offer extended stays for your pets and we have incredible suites that they can stay in. From the more economical options to the luxury suites that have beds and TVs. These packages can also include other services also. For example, we can apply for grooming and obedience training, too!
  • Obedience Training

    • When you’re looking to give your pet a little more discipline but don’t have the time, we can help out with your goal! Giving your dog a little more training can be a great benefit to your lifestyle and theirs for a number of reasons. They can end up being of service to people who truly need a little more help with their daily lives.

Contact Us

Make sure to get ahold of our customer care to find out more about Missouri City pet grooming near me from Fondren 5-Star Pet Resort. We offer great solutions to your grooming needs and can even provide some other options that you might find impressive. From the extended stay options for pet boarding to the fun and impactful obedience training. It’s all about giving the best quality care to your pet while you’re away.

If you are looking for a Missouri City pet hotel then you should get in touch with Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. If you’re interested in setting up a date to start one of our packages, give us a call! Our number is (281) 835-4445 but you can also visit our website to learn more. We hope to hear from you soon!


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